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Are we using Phenoxyethanol free products for our babies?

I remember when I was expecting my 1 st born, it was an exhilarating experience. Filled with jitters and doubts and zillions of questions, I surfed the internet the whole 9 months. I knew I was in for a roller costar ride, and I wanted to be prepared, educate myself in the best possible way and make sure […]

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Integrated Marketing with Digital PR World

Click! The sale is made. The seller is happy and so is the customer. I am sure you have experienced the joy of sitting at your home and ordering something just by a click. That’s the power of Digital Platforms.  With time and age, Digital Platforms have become the main sales point for vendors and […]

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Parental influence on eating habits and growth

We adopt more of what we see than what we hear and the same goes for the kids. Children observe the behaviour of their parents and people around them and their eating habits too are likely to reflect their parents’ habits. And since parents have the highest amount of influence on their children, it’s important […]

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Written in the Stars – Book Review

Visualise this, its a beautiful Sunday afternoon. A cup of hot tea by your side and a light read in your hand. So relaxing this scene looks, right? “Written in the Stars” is just that book you need to bring this scene into a reality. Without giving away the story, let me tell you a […]


Keep your feet healthy with Deyga Foot Care Kit

Our feet are our workhorses. We walk an average of 5000 steps, that’s 2.5 miles a day and not to mention that all our body weight is borne by our two feet. They are highly exposed to sand, dust and germs and fancy shoes and heels add to the pressure that the feet must go through. Hence, these […]