My Night Skin Care routine with Pure Sense

All we need after a tiering day is a good rest and so does our skin. After all the pollution and exposure that our skin has gone through during the day, a night routine to rejuvenate it is a must for me. Just before I hit the bed, I give my skin time to repair with my favorite pick of of Pure Sense products.

Let’s first understand why night routine is important?

Skin being the largest organ of the boy, needs to be pampered and cared for to have a fresher and a better look during the day. To add beauty to the beauty sleep, night routine gives a new life to your otherwise tired skin.

  • Cell regeneration is at its peak at nighttime
  • Skin is not exposed to any sort of pollution and dirt
  • Blood flow is at its maximum.
  • Products penetrate and treat the skin better at nighttime
  • Nighttime is a repair process and thus your skin reacts better to the products.

Like a daytime routine which is done to prepare the skin before you step out, nighttime routine is like an UN-DO Button. It’s to undo all the damage that your skin has gone throughout the day.

So now lets have a look at my favorite picks;

  1.  Pure Sense Grape fruit Revitalizing Face Cleansing Gel: Grape fruit is rich in Vitamin C and helps to transform the dull skin and glow with radiance. Made with organic products, this face wash helps to boost collagen and has a soothing fragrance to it.

    My Night Skin Care routine with Pure Essence
    Pure Sense Grape fruit Revitalizing Face Cleansing Gel
  2. Natural Papaya Face Scrub: After all the dirt and grim and pollution on the skin, all we need is a proper cleansing. I use this scrub twice a week to deep clean the skin. Made with ripe papaya extracts, this scrub helps to get rid of any blackheads, clogged pores, excess oil, dirt and dust. It also helps to remove tan with to give you a radiant and fresh look.

    My Night Skin Care routine with Pure Essence
    Natural Papaya Face Scrub
  3. Macadamia 3 in 1 Face Mask + Scrub + Cleanser: A must in my travel bag when I don’t wish to carry too many products along with me, this 3 in 1 product. This product helps to clean the skin by gently exfoliating it, removing pores and prevent breakouts. Suitable for all skin type, it helps keep skin supple and glowing even during my travels.

    My Night Skin Care routine with Pure Essence
    Macadamia 3 in1 Face Mask + Scrub + Cleanser
  4. Anti-Ageing Sleeping Mask: we know our skin works wonders when its at peace and hence a night time sleeping mask is what we need. The Anti Aging sleeping mask by Pure Sense allows the skin restores the health of the skin overnight. Its calming fragerance and smooth texture is all I need to provide an intense dose of hydration to my skin. A generous dose of this mask on face and neck and a gentle upward massage and a good night sleep.

    My Night Skin Care routine with Pure Essence
    Anti-Ageing Sleeping Mask
  5. Grape Fruit UV protection Lip Balm: Another must have product in my bag and by my bed side is this lip balm. While taking care of the skin, we can’t ignore to hydrate the lips. A zesty reat, this lip balm provides intense moisture to the lips. It also offers UV protection for the daytime and helps heal chapped lips.

    My Night Skin Care routine with Pure Essence
    Grape Fruit UV protection Lip Balm

Our skin deserves all the care and love after the hardship that it goes through during the day. A night care helps to rejuvenate and revive so that you look fresh as a daisy when you wake up.

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26 replies on “My Night Skin Care routine with Pure Sense”

I’m reading about pure essence since last couple of weeks, these products see really good. Although, I have doubts about skin because mine is extremely sensitive but I would to try the lip balm which is UV protected.

Thanks for letting me know that skincare products work better at night time Have been using Pure Sense products for a while. Will try their anti ageing cream.

I never tried this brand. The review you have shared is pretty good. Thanks for introducing this brand and products.

A good night care routine can help you to relax and wind down at the end of the day, preparing your body and mind for a good night’s sleep. It can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a sense of calm.

I appreciate you letting me know that skincare products are more effective when used at night. I had made a resolution to create a nightly skincare routine and I’m glad I can add this product to the list of things to try. Thanks for sharing and I’ll be sure to let you know how it works out!

This is the new brand in indian market. I have tried the papaya scrub and found it so effective on my minimal blackheads and smoothens the skin. Need to try the lipbalm next as you recommended it.❤️

Thank you for sharing your night skin care routine. Also thanks for making us aware of Pure Sence brand. I’ll check their oil skin care range.

Honestly speaking, night skincare routine benefits I am reading for the first time. I use to do nothing at night mostly in the morning. Thanks a lot for sharing, it is definitely going to make my skin better

Amazing! i feel like i know nothing about skin care. Your review is really superb and I am going to explore these products. I thought we should let the skin breathe in the night, won’t the mask be against that theory?

True, by following a night time skincare routine, you help your skin go through the restoration process…my skin responds well to the night skin care routine. I’d like to try Anti Aging Sleeping Mask… looks interesting.

One thing that I am concerned about in beauty care and makeup is skincare. If skin is good you dont need much makeup to look great. Will try this brand to share my opinion.

Thanks for reiterating the need for a regular night routine as I’m quite lazy about it. I haven’t used Pure Sense products yet but would love to try the Macadamia and Papaya scrub.

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