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Happinetz: your one-stop solution to give safe internet for kids

We live in a world where the internet plays a significant role, and we are heavily influenced by it. No age group is barred from this. From a toddler to an adult, everyone is glued to their device to entertain themselves.

Much like the internet, OTT platforms have changed the face of entertainment. Gone are the days when it was safe to watch TV or a movie with family. Now, it’s a task for parents like us to keep track of what our children are doing and watching as there is no limit to what is available on all the entertainment platforms.

Being a mom of two kids, who have a hectic schedule, I do give time to my kids for TV and devices but I have to always keep an eye, walk around and also go through the history of the channel to see what my kids watch. It may not be the fault of our kids, but we all know that these platforms have grown bolder in their content, and you can’t be sure if what your kid is watching is safe or appropriate.

As parents, we have also discussed with our kids what to and what not to watch. While the kids claim they don’t watch anything other than kid movies and channels, I know for sure that some platforms in the name of kids channel or movie also share content which is not appropriate for them. That is when we had to sit and explain the list of shows that they are allowed to watch and that they need to ask us before starting any new movie or show.

But we know that owing to our busy lives, keeping a tab on all that our kids are watching each and every day is not possible, and there are going to be slip-ups. We are always living with the fear of what kids are doing and watching. Where did they pick a particular word from? Which show did they watch? How did they learn about something?

I have had elaborate chats with fellow parents in schools and in other settings, and we all are facing the same problem of Internet safety and security. We are always looking out for means to make the internet safe and researching on hacks others are using to make sure the kids are not exposed to content that is not appropriate for them.

Kids have access to multiple devices. If not TV, it’s the phone, if not the phone, then an iPad. And our house has more than one TV, so it actually was getting hard to keep track of all of them.

My quest for a solution resulted in finding Happinetz

That’s when my quest for a solution that would track and control all the devices at home started. During one such search, I came across something that completely appealed to me and looked like a perfect solution to all my requirements.
Happinetz promises a safe internet for kids with its exceptional features, and I thought of giving it a try. The Happinetz Box ensures only age appropriate internet comes through and also helps to manage internet time. So I knew I had finally found a solution to my internet problem and I had to get this box home.

Very easy to use and manage, the Happinetz Box can be connected to your home router wired or wirelessly. All you have to do is connect the Happinetz Box to the home router and download its app. Add all the devices that you wish to monitor to Happinetz WiFI.

Now, this makes our task easy to control and monitor all devices and, at the same time, filter and block adult and inappropriate sites and content and monitor the rest of them. This is what we all need when kids spend time online, and we can’t be around to keep a tab. And while kids may genuinely need the devices for their research or project work, Happinetz will also safeguard the ads that are played and make the internet a safe place to be for kids.

Some interesting and appealing features of Happinetz

1. Internet Schedule: Parents can now schedule the time kids spend online by setting a limit on the internet usage on all devices as per one’s requirement. The internet on the device will shut down when the time is up. Also, you can extend or alter the schedule for weekends or holidays.

2. Set up Modes: We can set different modes for kids, teens, and parents. You can categorize the devices being connected to the box as per the age of the user for safety and privacy reasons.

3. Insights and History: With Happinetz Box, one can check the insights and the history of the websites and apps that your child may have visited and used.

4. Filters: The Happinetz Box has bifurcated the websites under 15 categories, and you can easily allow or deny access to an app by switching it on or off on the Happinetz App.

5. Pause the internet: Parents can pause a particular device and resume when needed through the app.

6. Device Disconnected Notification: If by any means a device gets disconnected from the Happinetz Box, parents will immediately get a notification of the same.

7. White and Black listing of Domanis: Here, the parent can choose which domains are to be whitelisted and which are blacklisted as per their choice.

After setting up the Happinetz Box at home, both me and my husband are now relaxed as we don’t have to personally follow our kids on what they are watching and we are not spending time arguing over the time spent on the internet. Now the devices get disconnected from the internet once the stipulated time is up and kids happily go back to their room and get busy with other activities.

Now we know what our kids are watching online and even if it’s a kids channel but the content is not appropriate, we can easily block that channel or site. What more do we want as a parent?
This is like a win – win situation for both the kids and us. Happinetz has taken a truck load of burden off our heads by making a safe internet for kids. We as parents can’t rave enough about the Happinetz Box, and as the name says it, we are the happiest parents right now. With the best use of technology, Happinetz is now a perfect solution to all our worries over internet safety.

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It’s awesome that our searches have come to an end. This box rocks. We have also been using it for a while now.

I’ve been using it for around 3 months now and I’m happy that along with safe internet, I’m able to make sure that my kids are not glued to screens all the time. Happinetz has definitely solved our problems.

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