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5 fun and interesting Finance Terms

We have heard many finance terms in our daily lives but today I am going to share some fun and interesting terms which might get you thinking but trust me they are actually used. So, let’s begin. But, before you read what the term means, I would want you to give it a guess and […]


Here are simple secrets to healthier, fuller and shinier hair

Our hair is our crowning glory and who would not want this crown to shine bright? The quality of our hair depends on many factors like genetics, the region you stay in, the pollution around you and also diet and nutritional consumption. However, if proper care is taken, we can achieve the healthy and shinier hair we […]


Warm Soups for Rainy Season

Come rainy season and it’s time to enjoy some warm soups to go with the mood. Chai and paakoras sub khate hai… why not make it healthier and sip on some soup. My kids love soup and it’s a party of their regular diet. One reason I stress on soup is, oodles of veggies gulped […]

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Influencers to Pay a Tax? How does it make the market more reliable?

Social media has been abuzz with the news of Influencers to pay tax on all the free products they get for promotional purpose. Let’s take a deeper look and understand how this will work and help the brand, targeted customers, and the influencers. Use of social media has skyrocketed over the years has also lead […]

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Are we using Phenoxyethanol free products for our babies?

I remember when I was expecting my 1 st born, it was an exhilarating experience. Filled with jitters and doubts and zillions of questions, I surfed the internet the whole 9 months. I knew I was in for a roller costar ride, and I wanted to be prepared, educate myself in the best possible way and make sure […]