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Why kids should learn Coding and Why I choose Leapwaters Coding Camp for my daughter?

With the boom in online learning, there has been a lot of chatter around coding classes as the whole idea and concept was new and novel. Knowing that our world has digitalised, teaching kids to write codes is as good as teaching them to read and write. So, I thought it was the right time […]

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BYJU’S Summer Kid Camp – How to keep your kids engaged at home

Summer vacations are time for kids to explore museums, visit the parks, go for camps and have fun. But that’s not happening due to the global crisis which has got us locked inside our homes and more than anyone, kids are the ones at greater loss as they are missing out on their childhood with […]

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The Part I left with you – Book Review

Book: The Part I Left with you  Author:  Rahul Saini Pages: 204 Genre: Fiction, romance  Publisher: Juggernaut Blurb: The story revolves around three characters Ratna, Ronit and Nitasha and their roller coaster journey of love and despair.  A young fan girl, Ratna is an ardent reader and a student of journalisms. Bubbly and chirpy, she […]

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Financial Tips Every ’20s must know

We all want a hefty amount for our retirement but you benefit more from savings when you start early.  So, if you start saving from your 20’s you will of course have more in your kitty than in your 40’s. This will give you an opportunity to make the most out of time and also retire […]

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What you should do when you feel your child is undernourished?

Being a mom, healthy food and kid’s nutrition is my main area of concern and also if their immunity is well supported with the food that they eat.  We always keep a track of our child’s growth and development. But let’s not forget that some kids meet the milestone early or on time while some can […]