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It’s My Choice

This blog is my story. My story of my acceptance at what I chose. We all go through such a path once where we question our choices. But in the end, it all falls in place. At least for me it did. After I completed my post grad, I had asked for few years from […]

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Curlvana’s Curl Shine Gentle Conditioner For Shiny Gorgeous Curls

Curly hair is the hottest sensation nowadays. Most women with curls are now trying out various possible ways to make their hair look gorgeous. Though it is time-consuming and demands a lot of effort, grooming curly hair with the right products can enhance your look. Curlvana’s Curl Shine Gentle Conditioner is one such product. As […]

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Influencers to Pay a Tax? How does it make the market more reliable?

Social media has been abuzz with the news of Influencers to pay tax on all the free products they get for promotional purpose. Let’s take a deeper look and understand how this will work and help the brand, targeted customers, and the influencers. Use of social media has skyrocketed over the years has also lead […]

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Habits worth stealing from the Rich and Successful

We all have 24 hours in a day, yet some manage to do so much in that time while others struggle to complete even a single task at hand. So, what is it that they are doing differently to be ahead in the game and beat the time? Let’s have a look at them one […]

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8 steps to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

We know the saying which goes like ” Penny Penny makes a pound” or it’s Hindi version “Boond Boond said he sagar banta hai”. Small steps can help bring a huge change when we look at them over a period of time. A drastic change in life is always tough but a conscious effort can […]