My top 4 picks from World of EK- Premium Home décor and wellness by Ekta Kapoor

When it comes to home, I can only think about calm and peace and the comfort that no other place can offer. So, when I got my house done recently I knew exactly what I wanted to make my house a beautiful home. And for that my one stop destination was World of EK- by Ekta Kapoor.

At the World of Ek, you will see an amalgamation of modern and traditional craftsmanship. From Home décor, furnishing, wellness to accessories, you get it all under one roof and that too at a very reasonable price.

Here are my top 3 picks;
  1. Bed linen: For me bed linen reflects the personality of the person using the room. For me it’s always been subtle prints. At World of EK, I found exactly what I wanted. Indian handcrafted and made with 100% natural dyes on cotton, my room got the perfect lift in its aesthetic appeal. With vibrant colors and designs available, I was spoilt for choices and had to settle for two of their beautiful prints.

    My top 4 picks from World of EK
                          Bedsheet Sets from Work of EK
  2. Copper Glasses and bottles: We all know how copper helps to boost immunity and improve digestion. My next favorite pick from World of EK was their copper collection. The designs and prints make them appealing and also serve the purpose of good health. So, to add a vibrant touch to your home, the copper glass and bottle collection is not to be missed.

    My top 4 picks from World of EK
            A colourful Copper Bottle from the World of EK
  3. Dhoop: To set the mood of the house and to make it smell divine, we need a good Dhoop. So, my choice here was the NavaGrah Dhoop from World of EK. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients and hand rolled by Indian Artisan women. Now evoke the blessings of the of the 9 celestial bodies and give your home a serene vibe.

    My top 4 picks from World of EK
                    Incense sticks and Dhoop from World of EK
  4. Ethnic Wear: Now what’s a beautiful house without the owner not shining bright as the house itself. The Ethnic wear collection at World of EK includes a wide collection of Kurtis, Dupattas and Pants. So, channelize your inner diva with the beautiful ethnic wear which is made of 100% natural dyes and highly sustainable which will make you look modern yet keep you connected to your roots.

    My top 4 picks from World of EK
    100% cotton and natural dyes Ethnic Wear by World of EK

These are my top 4 picks. Well, my choice was based on personal preference and the fact that along with a wide variety, each item is priced very diligently to match the worth of the product. So, you won’t burn a whole in your pocket and yet have a very desirable and beautiful products to choose from.

So, next time when you are looking to upscale your home décor, you know where to go. It’s the World of EK– by Ekta Kapoor whose endeavor is to bring the best of India to your home.

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10 replies on “My top 4 picks from World of EK- Premium Home décor and wellness by Ekta Kapoor”

Wow lovely and beautiful products. I love those bed linens and the copper bottles. Something for me to buy as there is an occasion coming up and I would love to gift some to my family members. Thanks for sharing.

All of it looks so classy. I am so tempted to check out the bed linen from the World of EK. Hope these are not too expensive.

I love bed linen from World of Ek, and have also gifted to my mom. Handcrafted products and under pocket friendly prices is a great feat, will check out other options mentioned by you.

I’ve bought from World of EK and totally endorse your choices. Their bed linen and ethnic wear collection is truly amazing and has great quality. Ditto for the copper utensils.

World of Ek is so unique that can help us amp up the home decor. I really liked the copper bottle that has authentic design.

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