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Online Shopping Hacks

Every time my husband sees a courier box at home, I have to give the best possible reason as to why I needed to shop that thing (I for sure know he doesn’t buy my reasons and just givens in with a bit of Lecturing of course).  You may wonder why I have to explain all the time? This is because the shopper in me just can’t stop shopping and some times I go overboard with it. However, when I shop online, I try to save those little extra bucks wherever I can. 

So today I am going to share a few online shopping hacks with you guys. 

  1. Clear the browser history.  Remember when you try to book a flight ticket or a cab from a “X” website and then go to “Y” website to compare the prices. When you do this, “X” web page follows you to “Y” page and when you get back to “X” again, the prices on this page would have gone high this time.  So when you see a particular webpage, clear the browser history or close that page before you visit the next webpage. This way you will get better prices. 
  • Delete card info from the Site: Many shopping sites ask you to save your card details so that next shopping becomes easy. Don’t do that. Its a way for shopping sites to play with your mind where you feel just one click and the order will be placed without the hassle of entering too many details. 
  • Pay in Cash: When you pay in card for your shopping, you feel as if something for free has arrived when the order gets delivered but when you pay for the same in cash, it will pinch you a bit. So try to pay more in cash and less by card. 
  • Resell unwanted stuff online: There are many online websites, which help you sell second hand outfits and products. Start selling things that you feel you don’t use any more or have outgrown it. This way you keep the money cycle on and wont feel too guilty. 
  • Wait for SALE: Keep a track of the item that you like and if you know that the sale or discount period is around the corner, wait for it. Also, look for discount codes and offers before placing you order. 

Last but not the least, and as funny as it can be, shop on weekend so the delivery comes by weekday, husband is away at work, throw the boxes before he finds them. This has worked with me (Thankfully my husband is not active on Insta/blogs to read this)

So do let me know how do you manage your shopping. Are you a shopaholic and splurge too much or you go easy with your shopping?

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Mom of two brats, use to work as an analyst now a SAHM. Love books.

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Loved reading it… didnt know about these points n specially anout the first point .. n it use to happen always…nw i knw the reason.. thank u so much for sharing these

Oh thanks for this. I should absolutely clear my history for various reasons. Also, please let me know which websites actually have people who buy second hand stuff because FB and OLX are totally full and my pram is just not selling. I have two of them!

These are so simple yet useful hacks and mostly most of them ignored or not remembered at the time we shop online. Just a few hours back I was shopping online for my gym wear and neither did I deleted my card nor I cleared my cookies. But gonna do the both now. Thanks!

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