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Bold is the New Beautiful- Mundan/Tonsure

So recently I had shared a lot of Instagram Stories about Aaryaveer’s golden hair and his Munda/Tonsure done. So today I am writing about what Mundan is and mainly the after care. 

Mundan Ceremony (Tonsure) is a religious ceremony where the first hair of the child is shaven off to offer to the God. This is practiced in many religions (specially Hinduism) and done within the 1stor the 3rdyear of the child. This ceremony has many religious beliefs attached to it like;

  • Mundan frees the child from any previous sins from his previous life.
  • Some believe that its done to enable better hair growth as child hair can be thin and scanty. 
  • Some believe that tonsure helps get rid of Evil eye.

The scale of the ceremony is completely depends on the family. While some celebrate it at grand scale while some choose to do it at the temple with close family. We chose the later as we had few days left before he would turn 3 and had to finish this before that. There are few who even get the first shave done at a saloon with the selected date and time as assigned by the priest. 

Mundan can be stressful for the child, so there are something’s we as parents should make sure about; 

  • Stick to their routine of eating, sleeping and toilet. A cranky child can make this more difficult. 
  • You are calm as a parent, because if you panic, so will the child. 
  • Make sure that a new razor is used. 
  • Wash the head before and after the Mundan and make sure to moisturize it. Hindus generally apply Chandan/Sandalwood paste to the scalp to keep it cool and avoid itchiness. 

The main care starts after the Mundan is done. Since the child’s scalp is still soft and sensitive we need to take good care to make sure the scalp is well protected and that the new growth is a good. Just because the head has been shaven, it doesn’t mean it is free from Dryness, In-Growth, Sunburn or Itchiness. 

Some of care tips after Mundan;

  • Wash the head with Cold water as it helps close the pores and also clears any cuts and rashes that may have happened during Mundan. 
  • Shampoos are designed not only to look after the hair but also the scalp, hence don’t do away with shampoo once the head is shaven. Shampooing will help keep the scalp clean. 
  • Keep the child hydrated and moisturized. Hair protects the head from direct heat and strong sun. Hhence a shaven head is directly exposed to the sun which can lead to dryness and sunburn. So, stay hydrated. Make the child drink lots of water and also moisturize the scalp it can get dry and itchy easily.  
  • Your scalp is sensitive than the rest of your body and hence the bald head needs to be protected from sun. So make sure to use a good sunscreen for kids on the scalp. 
  • Message with Oil. A good oil message not only helps keep the scalp moisturized but also helps in good blood flow and stimulates hair growth. 

And last but not the least, teach your child to hold the head high. We have numerous kids getting their heads shaven for many reasons than just a Mundan Ceremony. Be it health issues or demise in the family. In each and every scenario, teach the child to be strong and confident about the bald look as Bold is the New Beautiful 

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This post is very informative. I wasn’t aware of some fact about Mundan ceremony. And after care tips are very useful.

This post is very informative. I wasn’t aware of some fact about this ceremony. And after care tips are very useful.

I got my son mundan done when he was in his first year. After mundan he slept for complete day. Don’t know about anything else but a divine feeling for me.

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