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Middle School Born To Rock – Book Review

When a World renowned author James Patterson who’s many books I have read, writes books for Children, I had to get my hands on it too.

Middle School Born to Rock by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts is a story about a Middle School girl named Georgia Khatchadorian and her musical journey as a Rock Star.

She desperately wishes to win a music Video Contest and wants her band “We Stink” to Perform at the Lulu and Handbag Concert. And in her quest to win, she is willing to do what ever it takes. She even ropes in her otherwise crazy and trouble maker brother Rafe to help her in this.

The illustrations of the book are really nice and its a easy read meant for middle school children. Reminded of my days when Sweet Valley and Nancy Drew was all I wanted to read during my School days.

This book is a part of Middle School Series, however, if you have missed reading earlier books of this series, you will still enjoy to read this one.

This book is surely going to my Niece as I think its a perfect read for her an i rate it at 4/5 in childrens book category.

By mummatalks

Mom of two brats, use to work as an analyst now a SAHM. Love books.

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