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Gandhiji in the time of Corona

On this day of Gandhi Jayanti, Gandhiji’s 151st birth anniversary, I am writing something out of my imagination. What if Gandhiji was present at the time of Corona? What would he do and say and what would have been his thoughts on India and the way the entire situation was managed.

Writing about Gandhiji and his views in the current times can be challenging and difficult. Firstly, Gandhiji himself is not here to express his views. Difficult because his ideologies may differ to the current times and scenarios and I also need to think like our Bapu to write for him, which is a horrendous task I have taken upon myself.

Disclaimer before I begin: The views expressed here are my sole opinions and mean no harm, discrimination or intent to detriment anyones image. This is my version of fun and an unrealistic situation and hence a figment of my imagination put into words.

I am doing this in a monologue form and not a Q&A or interview style. So get your cup of tea, sit down and read on.

Situation: Bapu walking on the road is having a conversation with a media personal who is asking Gandhiji about what is he doing and why?

I am walking with millions of migrant workers back to their natives and homes. Its a sad reality that even after being a nation which ranks the 2nd largest in population, we still have 100 millions of people working as migrant workers. This is my march for them. I will call it the “Shanti March“. Look how peacefully these labourers are going back home with a hope in their hearts for a better life now and a much improved tomorrow.

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These migrant workers, for no fault of their own, are being punished the most in this dire situation that the world is facing. These labourers only need a shed over their head and food in their belly, but in these tough times, the nation has left them alone to walk all the way back to where they came from.

Think about it, if the companies and industries, who rely majourly on these migrant workers for cheap labour to make profits, would have been considerate from the start and provided accommodation and food as a part of their benefits, this situation would never have bourgeoned.

Its easy for everyone to blame and point at the Government and yes somewhere, before announcing the lockdown, the Government should have given some sort of heads up and time to its people to sort things out for themselves and find means to survive in the lockdown. Also, the corporates should have thought of its workers in a better way. They should have built a small township around the factories and provided accommodation to these labourers. Now these same companies are waiting for their labours to come back in order to start work again.

The sole purpose of a company is not to make money but also to look after its staff and labourers who help them make money. If the companies start thinking about their labourers as their own and take care of their basic needs, today the situation in the country and specially for these labours would have been more better.

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Today I’m walking with them to their natives and I know there will be a different and more difficult situation there too. The number of mouths to feed will increase as everyone returns home and gradually these labourers will run out of money. But I am still happy to see the citizens of this country helping these migrant workers in whatever way they can. Some people are giving free food, free place to sleep at night, free tea and biscuits and some truck drivers lending a ride. This is like the freedom moment that we had during the Independence struggle and once again I see the people of this country rise and embrace their people in need and stand in support of them.

My last and only request to all my citizens is about what I have been preaching from so long. Go Desi. Be Indian, buy Indian. Support our country to get back on its feet by buying Indian produced goods. Don’t fall prey to cheap prices by foreign sellers. With cheap price comes cheap quality. So stick to your roots. Jai Hind.

With a smile on his face Bapu continues walking with his fellow people. Long and far away to a place they call home.

Aayera with Wax statue of Gandhiji at Singapores Madam Tussauds. This image belongs to and reuse is not permitted.

Some famous quotes by Mahatma Gandhi which stand true and worthy even in todays time.

P.s. 2nd October also marks the birth anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shashtriji, the 2nd Prime Minister of India. The man who started the White Revolution.

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Beautiful thoughts Hansa! Bapu would have definitely walked with his people to their homes. Going Desi is much needed now and bringing our own businesses forward is going to definitely help in the rise of our country.

Really out of box thinking, Hansa. But I loved it a lot. During this lockdown, migrants workers got affected the most. They lost their jobs, their livelihood. Definitely if Bapu would have been here, he would have walked with them for sure.

This is very well thought post dear Hansa and I really liked the way you had presented whole scene. Indeed bapu is most inspiring personality of our nation and if he had been today, he must tackle the whole stressful situation with peace and calmness.

Hansa, this narrative of yours is extra-ordinary. Imagining Bapu in COVID19 times and how would react to the situation is in itself a sensitive approach and speaks volumes of your thought process. Many of us who are sitting in the comfort of our homes cannot fathom what the migrant laborers would have gone through. Uprooting themselves from their karm-bhoomi and moving back to their janm-bhoomi and reimagining themselves and their struggles has been well presented. I am sure this journey of the long-walk back home would have been the most painful than their entire life struggle.

Very beautifully written Hansa !! This is completely out of the box blog today. Indeed we need to get Desi. Bapu said: Be the change you want to see. Definitely we need to pull our socks and change the situation the way we want. Rising and powerful 🙂

That’s a beautiful perspective to look at the current scenario. You suggested such good solutions Hansa, if only they were thought of, by the companies or the government. They are pretty obvious, but we are masked by a sense of selfishness and the result was tons of migrant workers suffering for weeks.

Its unimaginable how people absent today would have reacted to todays situation as its an unprecedented one. Once a peoples leader always a people’s leader. Thanks to babu for giving us virtues of ideal life.

First of all I am amazed to see how creatively you have portrayed the existence of Gandhiji in this situation of crisis. Well crafted answers what Bapu must have had given to the reporters when he sees the plight of migrants, kudos to you girl! of course he might have walked beside them.

First of all pat your back for thinking on these lines. The writer and the book lover in you has come together in this post. Thinking from Bapu’s view point and writing such a fine post is not a joke. I am sure, if Bapu was here today, then you would have been surprised to see the changed India (some good and some not so good ways). He must have felt very deeply for the immigrant workers and yes, would have taken steps for their betterment for sure.

Wish everyone thought like you and me. the world would have been a better place. though difficult for me, I’m trying to use indian products as much as possible!

That is indeed a beautifully penned post. What you have described is precisely what Gandhiji would have done. It is indeed a pity that so many migrant workers suffered so much.

The plight of migrant workers was seen by all, but thinking of a sensitive approach with Gandhiji’s principles is commendable. There might have been many if only debates but poor men suffered.

Very well penned dear! I am amazed to read your thought process and the imagination what Bapu did if they are here in this COVID situation. “Go desi” is the need of the hour.

Now’s the best time to trigger our local brands and artisans and help them develop and grow. I liked the creative twist you gave to your imagination here.

Wow dear . You have penned down the situation and your thought in a beautiful way. Mahatma Gandhi is a great personality and I know if he was alive today , the situation might be something else.

Well said and a very thoughtful blog. Our affinity for empathy and compassion as well as immense love for organic products, khadi, 100% cotton and several other virtues/likes comes from none other than the father of our nation!

Beautifully written! And you know what, I think this is exactly what gandhiji would have done. He would have walked with the migrants…. And hopefully gone on a fast to make our insensitive govts. to get their act together.

Well written post describing the reality of current times. There is a certainly a need for improving the policies to help migrant labors and avoid such harsh conditions in future.

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