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Diary Of Wimpy Kid – Wrecking Ball – Book Review

When I was in school and college, I use to maintain a diary and hence the book that I am reviewing takes me back in time.

“DIARY OF WIMPY KID – WRECKING BALL” is a fun book for kids and adults alike. A light read, the book has been made to make it look like a real journal with its handwritten type fonts.

GREG- The Whimpy kid writes a journal about his daily like which is nothing less than hilarious. This journal is about this family who inherits a lot of money and plan to use it by redoing their house. But as always, things never go as planned and there are a lot of mishaps and disasters and the entire plan turns upside down.

Read the book to know if they were able to get their house work done or if they landed up shifting elsewhere. You will enjoy Greg’s naughtiness and quick thinking throughout the journal. A must read for young kids and teenagers. 

My rating 5/5 

10 replies on “Diary Of Wimpy Kid – Wrecking Ball – Book Review”

I recently ordered wimpy kid set of books for my niece. Looks like interesting book for kids. Thanks for sharing the honest review about the book

Ah, this looks like a great read for kids. My nephew’s birthday is approaching and I will think about gifting this to him.

A subject that has defined our lives and it’s so great that the little one is growing up on these. I loved my enid boyton and noddy and picture books. Thos one looks like fun especially since it’s to do with design too. Haha

My daughter is a big fan of this book. I also love reading this with her. It’s just so good. I agree with your review.

I have offcourse heard of this book, but always thought it was a children’s book and so never bothered. Interesting that it has something fun for us oldies too 🙂
i can only imagine the adventures in this book..the premise is quite promising indeed!

Thanks for the lovely read. My son used to read the Diary of Wimpy Kid as a kid. Although I personally haven’t read this book, I know for sure a lot of kids and even their parents have taken a liking for this book!

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