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The Carpet Weaver- Book Review

The Carpet Weaver

When I come across or hear about any book with its storyline based in Afghan, it becomes my Instant “Must Read Book”. And for some reason I feel all the authors hailing from Afghanistan have a painful yet a wonderful story to tell. Khalid Hosseini for instance. The Carpet Weaver is written by an Afghan born USA based Nemat Sadat and oh my does he have an awesome story to tell. 

The story is about the 70’s and 80’s of a boy named Kanishka Nurzada, a Gay (called Kuni in Afghan) whose father is a Carpet weaver. He dreams to be a carpet weaver himself when he grows up but his father has better dreams for him. Kanishka falls in love with his classmate and friend Maihan and they keep their love under wraps for the fear of being killed. While Kanishka and Maihan dream of freedom to express their love openly, fight breaks out in Afghanistan. Maihan and his family manage to flee away to USA while Kanishka and his family struggle. His father, who was a leader of the underground Maoist gang is arrested. Kanishka, his sister and mom while trying to escape to USA, are captured and taken as slaves to weave carpets. After much struggle, they land in USA. When Kanishka finds Maihan, distance and time has already strained out their relationship. 

The book is a page-turner and will keep you enticed till the end. The emotions and feelings of each character have been beautifully portrayed and trust me I felt as if these emotions managed to come out of the book and got into me when I was reading this book. Love needs freedom to bloom be it boy and girl love or love between the same gender. Love is Love and the Author has done a wonderful work of penning down an amazing story for us to read. 

My rating: Beautiful 5 stars…

By mummatalks

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Much heard of the book and appreciate the way it deals with sensitive topics. A great work from the author.

So true. Love needs freedom to bloom. I know exactly what you mean. I was driven away from my ex because he was very possessive that I couldn’t handle it. But he was a nice guy.

It’s look like a great story, and definitely worth to read. Thanks for the book review I am going to buy this for sure.

The names of the characters are so beautiful! I really like the review and there’s something about the storyline which tells me it might be a very NEW-AGE book

Khaled Hosseini had also got me interested into stories from Afghan and this story sounds very different and interesting. Wil check it out!

You explained very well about the book..I have not so much interest in reading…but after your recommendation I will definitely check it out

Khalid Hosseini’s book The Kite Runner was amongst the best sellers book… and the same was A Thousand Splendid Suns…

Now if I talk about this book and your post, both are awesome.. Love is always unconditional. It does not happen with all terms and conditions… It just happens, and when you see your love is strained, life seems to be devasted and hopeless.

I am looking forward to buying this book and will share my review soon with you. 🙂

I agree with the part where you mentioned authors from Afghan have a story of pain and endurance to tell.This looks like a great read even though war stories don’t hold my attention for long. Will look this up though.

OMG! I have to read this. Will order a copy right away. Thank you for such a beautiful review. I used to work at Bloomsbury and always looked forward to his interviews or mentions during my stint as the publicity manager.

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