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Parental burnout and how it affects your mental health.

As a parent we concentrate all our energy and time towards our children and there are days we are left with nothing else to offer and that is when we feel the burnout. A parental burnout is an exhaustion syndrome where in one feels overwhelmed and exhausted as a parent.  Parental burnout saw a rise […]

Kids and Me

Parenting is not what you imagined? Here is how you can cope with it.

We all have our thoughts and ideas about parenting before we become one. This is because we have seen other parents, new and old and their style of dealing with kids. But we forget that each child is different and what your friend or sister did for her child, is not going to be the […]


VLCC Rejuvenating Arabica Coffee Peel Off Mask – My Review

Self-care is a treat for us moms and visiting saloon and spa is like a blessing, specially me, as with two kids my hands are loaded with mommy duties and taking out time for saloon can be tough.  So, I decided to take the beauty baton in my hand and started hunting for some beauty […]

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Love yourself to love others

Women have a tendency to prioritize their family and children followed by house and office work, neglecting the care and attention they need to pay on themselves. While all the above roles and duties require women to be on their feet, they need to remember that one cannot fill a glass from an empty Jar. […]