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Interview with Rahul Prabhakar -A Vintage Blogger

Interview with an experienced and a vintage blogger to get insights and better understanding of the world of blogging.

Kids Recipe

Makhana- A healthy snacking option

Ask your grandma for some snack and she will open a jar of makhana. Makhana or Fox nuts or Lotus seeds as they are called, are back in vogue thanks to everyone getting health conscious these days. You can now see aisles and aisles of various food brands selling makhana’s as a healthy snaking option. […]


Helicopter Parenting

“Helicopter Parenting” is a new term that many parents may or may not have heard but this is what we modern age parents have been doing all this while. Helicopter parenting is a style of parenting where Parents hover over the kids head all the time wanting to help, do things and keep an eye […]

Book Reviews

Words from My Window – Book Review

“I need a window to look at the world without; for only then can I look at the world within” – Ruskin Bond This wonderful Journal “Words from my Window” by Ruskin Bond is nothing less than a marvel for book lovers and specially Ruskin Bond fans. This journal will transport you back in time […]