Mutual Fund Myths Busted

While we know that Mutual Fund is the most diversified, liquid and professionally managed financial investment option, there are still some myths around it that generates doubt and holds us back from investing. It’s okay to have doubts, but if they are refraining you from making the right decision, it’s time to understand Mutual Funds […]

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The Pomodoro Technique of Time Management

In the current times when most of us are working from home, we all need a proper time management technique to get things done efficiently. With family, housework and grocery runs to do as well, we need to make sure that we utilize our time in the best possible way so that all the important […]

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Reasons why you should invest in Girls Education

We all talk about equal rights and opportunities in the modern society where women want equal footing as men. But if you look a little deeper, into the rural sector, which is more than 50% of India’s population, the girls there don’t even get an opportunity to lay foot in a school because the family […]

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Why kids should learn Coding and Why I choose Leapwaters Coding Camp for my daughter?

With the boom in online learning, there has been a lot of chatter around coding classes as the whole idea and concept was new and novel. Knowing that our world has digitalised, teaching kids to write codes is as good as teaching them to read and write. So, I thought it was the right time […]

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Entering Fatherhood? Here is how you can be prepared for it- A father’s guide to survival.

It’s an exuberating feeling when you hold your little baby in your hand for the first time. In my case, while I was still under anesthesia and in waiting till I am shifted to my room, my husband was over the moon with the baby. All joyous and ready to celebrate.  But parenting is not […]