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The journey I took .…

It was getting really hard for me to stay at home and be with my baby after living a corporate life and always thinking of climbing professional ladder with time. Being a mother, staying at home was a combined choice that my husband and I made. So I had no regrets about it but it […]

Kids and Me

Helicopter Parenting

“Helicopter Parenting” is a new term that many parents may or may not have heard but this is what we modern age parents have been doing all this while. Helicopter parenting is a style of parenting where Parents hover over the kids head all the time wanting to help, do things and keep an eye […]

Book Reviews

What Mina Did – Book Review

Book Review QOTD: What would you do if your Childhood friendship hits rock-bottom? Will you mend the bridges or let them burn?  Book: What Mina Did Author: Geeta Menon Pages: 286 Price: Rs 295/- Genre: Fiction Publisher: Rupa Publication Plot: This book is about 2 best friends, Mina and Neelu. A dreadful past is still […]