6 Financial errors to avoid in your 30’s

30’s is that stage of life when we have chosen our career path, set in our profession, some are married, and some are even parents. This becomes a critical time when one needs to take their finances seriously compared to what they did in their 20’s.  But in order to be wise with money and […]

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Manage your Debt

Loan, credit card bills, mortgage… how to manage them? In this time and age, we all are used to swiping our card without giving a second thought. Student and home loan are very common too.  Everyone has some or the other debt. You may have little debt or more debt, but make sure you keep […]

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14 Words every book lover should know

All book lovers have one thing in common – their endearment for words. They love the magical land in which each and every word of the book takes them into. And we also have words to describe the funny, weird, unusual habits of readers which only they would understand.  So let me share these interesting […]