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The Pandora’s box was left open Part 1- Book Review

Book: The Pandora’s box was left open Part 1 Author:  Dyumani Maheshwari  Pages: 99 Genre: Crime, Thriller and Mystery Blurb: This book is a crime thriller where Police Inspector Om and his newly joined assistant are trying to solve some murder cases. Shiv, the new assistant with his clear thinking and strong observation and an eye for […]

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The Part I left with you – Book Review

Book: The Part I Left with you  Author:  Rahul Saini Pages: 204 Genre: Fiction, romance  Publisher: Juggernaut Blurb: The story revolves around three characters Ratna, Ronit and Nitasha and their roller coaster journey of love and despair.  A young fan girl, Ratna is an ardent reader and a student of journalisms. Bubbly and chirpy, she […]