5 signs that your house plants may be unhappy

Many houseplants are easy to grow and manage provided you give it proper opportunity to thrive and survive. While we all love having plants around us, it’s not always easy to keep them alive specially if you are lacking the green thumb. So, no matter how many plants you get home, you may be avoiding […]

Make a Terrarium in 5 easy steps

The pandemic and lockdown have got the best out of people and made them venture into new things or build on what they already liked but never got the time to do so. One such thing was testing the green thumb. Many people got interested in gardening and building a small green space in their […]

Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O. Gardening with kids

Gardening is fun for us adults and is very destressing as we become one with nature and nurture green life with our own hands. Likewise, gardening also is an important life skill for kids as it teaches them to take care of something from scratch and also gives them an unmatched opportunity to understand the […]

Book Reviews

My Reading Challenge for 2021 and the books I intend to read.

Firstly, Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2021 brings lots of happiness and joy in your life. We had a splendid end to the year 2020 by traveling to Delhi- Gurgaon and from there we drove to Shimla and Kufri to welcome 2021 with snow all around us. For all those who have been following my […]

My views

Before the year ends- Recap of my 2020

As 2020 is coming to an end in a few days, its time I rewind this year and talk about things that made me happy and content and some not so happy moments too. So read on.  2020 started on a very happy note for us. We had been to Delhi for the New Year’s […]