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Our Happily Ever After

From fairytales to Dadi Maa ki Kahani or even our Bollywood movies where the hero gets the girl, everything ended in “Happily Ever After”. But does this really happen?

It’s always assumed that the story of two people ends on a happy note once they meet. But it comes with efforts from both sides to keep the boat afloat once the passengers have boarded it to sail for life.

So what is it that takes a relation to “Happily Ever After

It’s said money makes life easy and things look good but when it comes to relationships, it’s all about intangible things that matter.


We all have the same 24 hours in a day. After one’s job and other commitments, the little time that is left, is very important to distribute between time for self-love and time for our partner. Every day, put in an effort to wake up with your partner, and if you have kids, a little early than they wake up, so you both get some alone time before you hit the mundane life. At night, spend time with your partner, be it as less as 30 minutes before you hit the sack. That 30 minutes is enough to review the entire day of time lost.

Happily Ever After
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Recreation and rejuvenation is what we need for our mind and soul and for our relationship. The time spent away from the regular life, doing things that you both like, is a perfect way to re kindle the love and romance which is eaten up in city life.


A single word of love and appreciation is enough to jostle the heart with love and respect for the partner. “You look good” is so easy to say but it will mean the world to your partner if you say it.

Happily Ever After
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Everything is lost when respect is lost. Be it for one another or the family at large. Know the boundaries, don’t cross over just to prove a point or to proclaim your stance. You may be earning more, you may be at a higher position in the society, but your partner co-exists with you, and that means you both are equals.


Yes, as much as spending time with your partner is important, giving that required space is important too. Space to do things that they love, spending time with friends, self care or just being alone reading a book, respect the space.

Happily Ever After
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Jealousy and doubts:

The termite that erodes a relationship and shakes the foundation of it is doubt and jealousy. One can feel claustrophobic when stuck in a relationship which is filled with doubts, accusations and jealousy.  Everyone needs a space to breathe free and a choke hold will cut it short.

The list is long and can have everyone’s individual version and touch to it but the bottom line of it all is, it takes two to clap and two to tango. It’s never the one person who keeps sailing while other simply enjoys the ride. You are in it for one another and only you two can make it work towards Happily Ever After.

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I loved the straightforward points of your post. Short and crisp yet every points you mentioned here is a reminder to balance the equation of happiness in the family. Also, I am happy to see that you have written this post with your honest opinion that it’s obvious to feel jealous or overpowered at times. But it’s all about balancing the emotions to have a peaceful happily ever after.

Very practical and relatable points to make a relationship Happy. We have to understand what’s important for us, and take things as it comes.
I agree to space and keeping evils away in a relationship.
Thank you for participating in SpeakEasy.

I agree every relationship calls for constant efforts and these tips are indeed helpful to build a strong foundation of happily ever after. I am trying some of these things personally and can vouch that consistent efforts helps in long run.

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