My 5 must have Lotus Botanicals Products for winter skin care

Skin care has been a very important part of my daily routine. As I hit mid 30’s I recognized the importance of daily skin care and use of good and effective products to keep my skin healthy and age gracefully.

But you know, at times we forget to adapt to the changing weather. With every change in climate, our skin needs special care too. In winters skin tends to get dry and hence a product which can meet the need it required.

Let’s first understand how winter damages our skin

The dryness and low humidity in the air can really create a havoc for the skin. Furthermore, indoor heating robs the skin of its moisture. Which leads to winter itching, dryness and skin irritation. So, no matter how much you layer up for your body, your skin health is going to drop in winters. My 5 must have Lotus Botanicals for winter skin care

So, to combat this, we need to follow certain skin care routine
  1. Stay Hydrated: Winter is the time when one drinks less water, and the low humidity takes away the moisture from our skin. Hence make it a point to consume a considerable amount of water to keep the skin and body well hydrated.
  2. Avoid long hot showers: Though one may enjoy standing under the hot shower in cold winters, it’s not the best thing to do for your skin. Excess use of hot water can leave the skin dry. And if not moisturized immediately it can leave the skin dry and itchy. Instead bathe in lukewarm waters to protect the skin.
  3. Moisturize: Like our body, our skin needs water too and the best way to provide it is by moisturizing it.
  4. Protect from UV rays: Though the warm sun rays may feel pleasant to the skin, the winter sun and its UV rays can damage the skin. So, keeping it safe with a good Sunscreen is a must.
  5. Follow a daily skin care regime: A basic skin care regime is not hard to follow. Winter makes it hard for your skin to stay healthy and glowing and hence it needs help. A regular skin care routine can keep the skin replenished.

While we are talking about skin care, I chose my products based on my skin type which is dual. My skin gets oily during summers and extremely dry during winters. That’s why I must choose my skin care products based on climate. When it comes to skin, we really don’t want to compromise and go for the best. And when I talk about best, nothing is better than what comes from nature.

My 5 must have Lotus Botanicals for winter skin care
Lotus Botanical Skin Care Range

Lotus Botanicals products strikes a balance between nature and science. With ingredients sourced from nature, Lotus Botanicals products help heal the skin and make it radiant.

So here is my list of preferred products from Lotus Botanicals which I swear by for my winter skin care;

  1. Vitamin C Skin Brightening Face Scrub: Yes, you may be amazed at seeing a face scrub in my list. It is said that one should avoid exfoliation during winters as it leaves the skin drier and itching. But I chose to use a scrub once a week even in winters. The Lotus Botanicals Vitamin C Skin Brightening Face Scrub is loaded with moisture as it gently cleans the skin. It’s not harsh or dry like other scrubs. Infused with 300X Vitamin C power, it helps clean the skin clean from any impurities, dead skin and harmful bacteria’s causing breakouts.

    My 5 must have Lotus Botanicals for winter skin care
    Vitamin C Skin Brightening Face Scrub
  2. Bio retinol Youth Radiance Face Wash: Bio Retinol is a natural Vitamin A derivative which stimulates the production of Collagen. I use the Bio Retinol Youth Radiance Face Wash to thoroughly wash my face two times a day, in the morning and night to keep my skin free of any dust and pollution.

    My 5 must have Lotus Botanicals for winter skin care
      Bio retinol Youth Radiance Face Wash
  3. Vitamin C Skin brightening Face Serum: My skin loses its sheen in winters and so to maintain the goodness, I thrust my confidence in Vitamin C Skin Brightening Face Serum. Made of Vitamin C fruits extract and niacinamide, this lightweight serum helps revive my skin health by retaining moisture for a longer duration. It also fights signs of aging and brightening the skin with daily usage.

    My 5 must have Lotus Botanicals for winter skin care
     Vitamin C Skin brightening Face Serum
  4. Bio Retinol Youth Radiance Cream: A cream made out of plant based retinol – Bakuchiol is a rich cream which revives and restores younger looking skin. The Bio Retinol Youth Radiance cream is light on the skin and its SPF 25 also gives the required sun protection. It’s formulated to boost elasticity, boost collagen and even out skin texture. It’s my daily go to crème to keep my skin supple, hydrated and nourished.

    My 5 must have Lotus Botanicals for winter skin care
    Bio Retinol Youth Radiance Cream
  5. Vitamin C Skin Brightening Matte FLUID Sunscreen: Be it winters, I don’t skip my sunscreen. Though I may enjoy the warm sun, its UV rays damage my skin. Vitamin C Skin Brightening Matte FLUID Sunscreen is an amalgamation of SPF 50 and goodness of Vitamin C, making it a must in my daily routine. The best part is it doesn’t leave any white cast. Be it sun, rains or snow, I wear my sunscreen all the time.

    My 5 must have Lotus Botanicals for winter skin care
    Vitamin C Skin brightening Matte FLUID Sunscreen

I follow a day and a night skin care routine to keep my skin clean and hydrated and Lotus Botanicals products have been a part of my winter skin care regime. With their regular use I can vouch for their effective results. When it comes to skin care, I believe in no compromise. Once you know what your skin needs, Lotus Botanicals wide range of products are there to help resolve the issue by giving effective results.

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It happens with me too, I just forget to change my skin care routine with the change in the seasons and that’s why my skin suffers a lot. I have been using lotus herbals products and have been wanting to try lotus botanicals now, I will start with your recommendations.

Out of all the Lotus Botanicals products listed here, I would like to try the new Lotus Botanical Skin brightening Mattle fluid sunscreen as I was quite happy with their matte sunscreen that was marketed under Lotus Herbals name. Thanks for the review!

What I like about Lotus brand is its an Indian brand and uses natural products .
I am also using its products that goes on my skin well. As suggested by you, I would love to try out lotus radiance cream. Is it for 30 plus years age too?

Lotus is one brand that makes the best sunscreen. I have tried others and my skin has burnt under the sun, but lotus has protected my skin all this time. I sweat profusely, but this sunscreen is superb for oily skin too. Thanks for sharing the other products too. I will surely try them out.

Lotus Botanicals has been the family go to skin care brand for years. Thank you for the list of items. I am going to follow your regimen this winter.

Lotus Botanicals is one of those cosmetic brands on which many bank upon and appreciated the quality of products it offers. I am still not used any of them and so wish to try out Lotus Botanical Skin brightening Mattle fluid sunscreen before I step outside from home.

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