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Is your child monsoon ready?

We all love the rains. Sitting by the window, enjoying the rain while sipping some tea and munching on pakoras. Don’t we? But when you hear your little one cough or sneeze and all the monsoon thrill goes down the drain.

Monsoon requires us as parents to be more vigilant with our kid’s health. Here are some tips and pointers which can help us protect our children during the rainy season.

  1. Keep the surrounding clean

    With rain comes mosquitoes and flies. To keep them off your house limits, make sure you remove any stagnant water that has been collected. Like in plant trays or at the windowpane. Keep windows drawn when its raining. Make sure the walls are dry and not moist with water.

    Is your child monsoon ready?
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  2. Food and nutrition

    The one thing that we can do the best is make sure our kids are consuming healthy food. Include lots of warm soup in their diet. Also add lots of fruits and veggies to build on their immunity. Avoid outside food as much as you can.

  3. Hand wash

    Make sure your kids are washing their hands regularly with an antiseptic hand wash. Make it a practice to wash their hands when they come home from outside or before their meal. Because anyone can carry disease causing germs and if hands not washed, these germs can make their way into the kids stomach and cause illness.

    Is your child monsoon ready?
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  4. Filter and boiled water

    Drinking water can be contaminated with mosquitoes and flies around them. The best is to first use filter water and boil it before giving it to kids to make it extra safe for them to consume.

  5. Rain Gear

    Kids need to step out for school and classes. Equip them with proper rain gear like umbrella or raincoats and boots to make sure they don’t get wet.

    Is your child monsoon ready?
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  6. Vaccine

    Visit your pediatric and get a vaccine for seasonal flu to keep any form of illness at bay.

Allow your kids to enjoy the rains with these 6 simple measures in mind. Now enjoy your tea and Pakoras while your child is healthy and safe this monsoon. Happy Rains.

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12 replies on “Is your child monsoon ready?”

Monsoon is a wonderful time of the year. After the summer days, monsoon brings lot of freshness. But to enjoy it to its fullest, we have to be careful. You tips are very practical and can be done with ease.

Great tips for Monsoon season. yes, monsoon brings change in environment and can cause a varieties of diseases in kids. taking precautions and following above mentioned tips can help a lot in reducing stress and enjoy this beautiful season more.

Monsoon is the most awaited weather by many of the kids and adults. Watching rain surely brings another level of happiness, but yes when it comes to kids as a parent we are required to take some extra tips of care for our lil munchkin’s health and safety. Noted all the tips.

Healthy eating and good hygiene are great ways to keep our kids safe but they may not work every time. Vaccination is important as it secures them from within.

I love monsoons and so do my kids, it’s important to add healthy food in their meals and let them know to follow hygienic routine. Great tips you have shared.

Seriously. Even i try to make them wet in the rain or play while it rains. They will surely get sick sometimes but ultimately they will get immune to the whole thing. We are just protecting them a lot now a days

During monsoon kids do fall I’ll and these tips can definitely help us to deal with it as a preventative measures. Flu and cold are very common so washing hands, keeping surroundings clean, and most importantly getting vaccinated is must.

Good tips! I know that we cannot stop the kids from running around and enjoying the monsoons, and so all these preparations and actions will ensure that they enjoy the season while being healthy.

Kids love playing and splashing in the rain and need to be protected from the monsoon blues. You have jotted down the best points to be monsoon ready. Parents should follow all your tips.

While kids love rains but rainy season can bring a lot of health problems and infections. The best is that these monsoon illnesses can be prevented. So yes, boiling water, vaccination, frequent hand wash and clean surroundings are things that we can do to ensure good health for our kids!

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