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5 ways to prevent dry skin in babies

It’s common for new born babies to have dry skin all over their body as they are just out of their mothers womb. Their skin is overly sensitive compared to an adults skin and they take time to adjust to the new environment.

In some cases, during infancy, the skin may peel due to temporary natural causes. Other times it may be due to dehydration, varied irritants or environmental factors. In most cases it could be a minor issue which could be dealt with proper care and nourishment. But if it aggravates, medical attention from a paediatric is recommended.

So how do we prevent dry skin in babies?5 ways to have a prevent dry skin in Babies

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  1. Use Lukewarm water for bath and cleaning: Hot water steals the moisture off your baby’s skin, leaving it dry and itchy. It’s always advised to check the temperature of the water and make sure its lukewarm.
  2. Refrain from cosmetic allure: What looks appealing to the eyes may not be in reality. There are hoards of products available in the market for baby care, but you need to make the right choice. Go for natural, fragrance free and mild products without any chemicals to retain the softness of the baby’s skin.5 tips to keep baby's skin hydrated
  3. Keep the baby hydrated: The best way to keep the infant hydrated is through mother’s milk. But in case you have started liquids for your baby, make sure you give it to the little one from time to time. A well hydrated baby means supple and good skin.
  4. Avoid over wrapping the baby: As a parent, we sometimes go over board and wrap the baby or dress them in multiple layers to keep it warm. This could hamper the soft and sensitive skin of the baby leaving rashes and redness. Also over layering and using rough material for their clothing could dampen their skin condition.
  5. Moisturise: The best way to keep a baby’s skin supple and hydrated is to moisturise it regularly. Choose a product which you think would be the best for your baby. Avoid changing products again and again and stick to a brand if it goes well with the baby’s skin.

A new born baby or a toddler, the child’s skin is very fragile and can be prone to infection and rashes. But if the dryness persists over a few weeks, do consult your doctor for a proper solution.

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19 replies on “5 ways to prevent dry skin in babies”

Using the right products is the key to good skin care. Other than that all these points that you have mentioned are a must-follow especially for newborns and young kids.

All these r effective, but out of curiosity I would like to know what about in winter. Places which r too cold they have to keep the babies wrapped then wouldn’t it affect the baby’s skin?

Baby’s skin is very sensitive and can get dry due to several factors which we may be doing unknowingly. As a mother of two, I have always preferred not to wrap my kids with to many blankets. Also during winters, not using heater throughout the day was something that I have followed.

Dry skin is babies a common problem and I have also faced this with my little one. selecting a good quality moisturizer can help a lot. I have used aveeno moisturizer and had a good experience with it,

Very nice tips for keeping babies’ skin moisturized. Avoiding cosmetics of any sort is definitely advisable as their skin is very sensitive. Use of luke warm water is definitely the right advice. Sandy N Vyjay

Now you moms have a plethora of choices. In my time there was only one Johnson. But I loved the smell of the powder and the lotion. Babies skin is so delicate that when its dry it must be painful.Here in the south really hot water is used and i always wondered how they could do that.

Kids skin are extremelu sensitive and we need to be very careful while choosing any product for them. Your tips are really going to help all moms and dads there!!

Skincare is for everyone but it is more important for babies. New born skin and the pH and all the things are hard to manage. Useful tips. Thank you.

New born baby skin is very sensitive and absorbs moisturises quickly. Keeping them hydrated and making skin supple with lotions and oils is a good way. Liked your other pointers too that help to keep dry skin at bay.

A mild moisturiser is a must for babies. My youngest daughter having eczema made us really dig into the best ones we could find in the market. Sadly until now that she’s 7 years old, we haven’t seen one that really fits her skin type.

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