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5 common problems faced by Pregnant women

While everyone talks about the pregnancy glow and the miracle of a child birth, not many speak up about the pain, frequent urination and perpetual fatigue that follows. While a woman’s body is meant to create a new life, it by no means is a very comfortable journey.

5 common problems faced by Pregnant womenNot every women has the same symptoms and problems but some are seen more often than not in most of the cases. So here I am sharing some of the experiences a woman goes through her pregnancy.

  1. Morning Sickness: Morning sickness is a feeling of nausea and throwing up which pregnant women experience. This is mainly associated with the hormonal changes that a woman is going through. Experienced mainly during the first trimester, unlike the name, it can last throughout the day and night. 5 common problems faced by Pregnant women
  2. Frequent urination: The need for frequent urination starts from the first trimester itself and last till the end. As you come close to the end of your pregnancy, this frequency doubles up mainly due to the baby pressing or resting the bladder.
  3. Swelling: Many women get swollen feet and hands during their pregnancy. This can be discomforting as you feet will become big and your fingers too. Women suffering from this should not stand for too long.  They also need to avoid too much salt as it can create more water retention in the body.
  4. Fatigue: It’s very common to feel tired, hot and faint during pregnancy. This is mainly due to the hormonal changes happening in the body. In the later days, this could be due to the extra weight of the baby that the woman is carrying. Also, as the baby grows, you will get less or disturbed sleep which could add in to the fatigue. 5 common problems faced by Pregnant women
  5. High blood Pressure: While many woman have their blood pressure rise, it may not be too serious in most cases, but it can be for some. It’s attributed to over thinking and hyper tension due to the perplexities of pregnancy that a woman has. Practise some stress bursting activities like reading, painting or what ever calms ones nerves.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many more like varicose veins, skin changes, itchiness, insomnia or strange dreams. All this majorly accounts to the growing anxiety with a new baby coming in to your life. And can also be attributed to a new life growing inside you which is causing hormonal changes and discomfort in varied forms.

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While I was expecting my first child, I was all swollen from the 3rd month and it stayed till the end. Nausea of food and inability to eat remained till the 6th month. However during my second pregnancy, it was a smooth journey and I ate to my hearts content. So no two pregnancy and experiences can be same. Don’t compare your situation with another pregnant woman. If you think things are getting severe or difficult to handle, consult your gynaecologist for perfect guidance.

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Yes pregnancy brings lots of physical and hormonal changes in woman’s body that results in many problems. I had suffered from hypertension in my first pregnancy but luckily second pregnancy was smooth and I had no major problems.

I have two kids and both my pregnancies were very different. However, I’ve faced all these issues and they’re rather common. One must consult doc and take medication for it.

Pregnancy is definitely not a bed of roses, and every mother knows it. It has its share of challenges. Morning sickness and fatigure are indeed common issues that most women have to battle during pregnancy. Sandy N Vyjay

Very informative & useful post. U have mentioned all the common symptoms experienced by a pregnant women.
And as u said no two pregnancies can be same, so everyone’s pregnancy journey is different.

When we were in the family way, my wife too faced a lot of problems related to the morning sickness. I feel that all pregnant women are required to keep themselves updated by reading as much during this period. Your post is a good step in this direction.

Pregnancy is a blissful experience and phase of one’s life. And we know good things comes with its own pros and cons. Luckily my both pregnancy period were so smooth not a single problem I have faced for anytime except the frequent urination by the passing months.

Its a blessing to be a mom, but there come these problems along with that. I think frequent urination is the most common issue during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey with its own set of ups and downs. The upside is been discussed however, the challenges are always less discussed. I am glad you touched upon this topic.

So rightly pointed out, I have had most of these issues and BP being the most nagging. Having such sources to read is always helpful for soon to be mom. Glad you are creating content in this area.

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