Integrated Marketing with Digital PR World

Click! The sale is made. The seller is happy and so is the customer. I am sure you have experienced the joy of sitting at your home and ordering something just by a click. That’s the power of Digital Platforms. 

With time and age, Digital Platforms have become the main sales point for vendors and sellers. It’s power was tested during the pandemic when people couldn’t step out, shops could not open, but people were still able to buy things, thanks to the Digital Platforms. 

Hence a brand, irrespective of their size, should tap this platform to monetize their business and take their sales chart skyrocketing. But wondering where to get one point solution for all your needs for a successful brand launch? Well, Digital PR World is a Budget Brand launch agency with 15 + digital services in their kitty are there to pave the way for you. 

Let’s know about the Digital PR World!! 

Digital PR World is a PR management company based in Kolkata and with clientele spread all over the country and overseas. Be it a big, medium or small sized company, Digital PR World has served each kind in varied industries by offering creative communication, SEO, PR, outdoor campaigns, digital marketing, risk-mitigating PR, website designs, Amazon Flipkart management and other creative digital marketing and performance marketing services. 

Integrated Marketing with Digital PR World What Does the Digital PR World Offer? 

Digital PR World has launched an exclusive budget “Brand and Product Launch Package”. This is specially made to serve local and micro businesses to launch their brands on digital platforms. Kick-start from logo design, brand name, packaging, launch and promotion. 

Thereafter, everything is taken care of. They have a stepwise process that involves branding and product launch when the companies wish to launch any new product in the market. A new launch includes various parameters like, pricing, TG, USPs, quality etc. and accordingly 

Digital PR World will design the creative route to ensure customers get introduced to the product in the most positive manner. None other than could offer this entire gamete of services to micro, small and local businesses for their product launch. 

The Digital brand launch is gaining more momentum amongst the brand as a vast audience is present on digital platforms. Hence, Digital Branding is the right communication technique to tell your customers about the brand and generate more and more leads for sales. 

Integrated Marketing with Digital PR World So let’s see step by step how Digital PR World can help you in your product launch 

  1. Market research 
  2. Competition analysis 
  3. Logo units 
  4. Brand identities 
  5. Trademark and website domains 
  6. Product design
  7. Packaging and labels 
  8. Website design – UI UX 
  9. Ecommerce onboarding – Amazon, Flipkart etc. for branding and sales 10. Creative- Brand store and A+ content creation 
  10. Social media presence and communication design 
  11. E-brochure and brand guidelines 
  12. Content creation and blog 
  13. Influencer outreach 
  14. Digital and Print PR 
  15. Outdoor creative work (if required) 
  16. Performance marketing for branding and sales 

Be it traditional or digital marketing platforms, Digital PR World works in innovative ways to help in successful product launch. So, if you are a brand or a company looking for a digital presence and successful launch of products, Digital PR world is the one stop solution. You can visit their website Digital PR World to get more insight into the kind of work they do and connect with them.


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i have recently read about the digital PR world. and it seems very promising for the new and small scale brands. online space is expanding like anything. and such platforms will make it even stronger.

I have visited their website and loved all the options they are offering from online marketing. indeed Digital PR world is a leading online agency of India for businesses. it can help them a lot to grow in overcompetitive field.

Digital PR World sounds great for all aspects and activities of marketing a business, or brand across digital channels on the internet.

This PR company seems to really be making waves as I’m coming across it quite often. Digital marketing needs have really gone through the roof after the pandemic and it is always nice to know about the best in the business.

They have such varied services in regards to online PR and integrated marketing. Digital PR World is doing a remarkable job in this sector.

They look like a one-stop solution for digital marketing. I am going to refer them to my friend who is looking to promote her start up online. They can guide her well.

I have followed and checked the website; they have such a wonderful offers for digital marketing which is so useful for all content creators and bloggers.

Having a perfect launch pad for the product launch of a brand is a greta way to push the brand towards the audience. Digital PR is coming like a perfect place to be there for brands and influencers.

Digital PR is such a need nowadays for business owners. Not looking into it will surely hurt their business as it’s where customers are right now. Adapting to this change is what companies need to do to be able to survive this trying times.

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