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My favorite Indian Authors and their work

There was a time when I was stuck to reading only Indian authors and was slightly disappointed when a saw a crowd of authors aping Chetan Bhagat’s IIT, IIM boy meets girl romance. However, when I dug deeper to find some good books to read, I was glad to have found some of these finest writers.

While there are many amazing authors from India. But I am sharing about those whose books I have read and enjoyed and would surely recommend to my friends and fellow readers.

Ashwin Sanghi

My favorite Indian Authors and their workCalled the Dan Brown of India, Ashwin Sanghi has come out with some really gripping suspense reads like the “Rozbal Line” and “Krishna Key“. His 1st book was published under a Pseudo name Shawn Haigins. He has also worked alongside James Paterson in his “Private” series and come out with the book “Private India” which is a fabulous suspense read. Of all his book, “Chanakya Chant” has been my favourite.

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

My favorite Indian Authors and their workI started reading her books after I stumbled upon “Before we visit the Goddess” a story about women of 3 generations. That’s when I started looking into her work and loved each book. Her book, “The Mistress of Spice” has been adapted into a movie with Aishwarya Rai as the lead. Of the lot, I am an ardent fan of book “The Palace of Illusion” and recommend it to each and everyone. Her latest book “The Last Queen” is on my 2022 TBR list.

Perumal Murgugan

My favorite Indian Authors and their workHe has been writing in Tamil and getting many accolades for his work. Of his 10 novels, 5 have been translated into English. With a unique writing style, he can grab your undivided attention towards his book. I have read his book “Poonachi” a story about a female black goat and he life in the hands of an old couple. His other book “One Part Woman” which has garnered a bit of controversy is now in my TBR list.

Khushwant Singh

My favorite Indian Authors and their workHe started his career as an editor and finally got into writing books and thank God for that. He has some classic books to his credit. I first read his famous book “The Train to Pakistan” some 12 odd years ago and was so impressed with the book. “The vintage Sardar” is a collection of Essays and articles and I just couldn’t stop laughing with his nonchalant way of saying something funny.

Ruskin Bond

My favorite Indian Authors and their workMy list can’t be complete without the mention of Ruskin Bond. Now you think her writes more of kid’s books but no. He has written some wonderful books like “Maharani” and I loved it. His other book, “World from my window: A journal” is a small book about what he sees from his window. The book not only tells you RB’s story but has also given you pages to write your journal in it. I have also written a small Introduction to the Literary Bond which you can read here.

These are just my 5 picks of authors, but we have many more authors who have been doing some amazing work with their writing. Also, off late we have had a burst of new writers who have come out with some interesting books in the recent past. About them I will talk in my next blog. Mean time do let me know about your favorite authors and their books in the comments below. Maybe I could use some new suggestions.

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20 replies on “My favorite Indian Authors and their work”

Ruskin bond is always my go to autor and helps me from reading slump. And I love mythological retelling from chitra kumari.

This post has my heart. I was waiting for a long time for somone to write on this as this will act as a great recommendation. I love all of them but Ruskin bond is my life ❤️

Ruskin Bond is the name which I believe each one of us love to read. Yes I am glad to say I am his fan and I also loved the list of authors which you shared as your favorites. Beyond any doubt its a rich list.

I’m a great fan of Perumal Murugan. I love the way he brings out the emotions in every book. Also Chitra Banerjee’s books are good too. These are some authors whose books are good.

Great list dear. among all these, I had heard and read mostly the work of ruskin bond and kushwant singh. will check out the other authors too. thank you so much for sharing about these amazing Indian authors.

Amazing authors, all of them. Isn’t it great that they all have such distinctive style and cover different genres? Would love to add Anita Nair, Kiran Manral and Amish Tripathi to this list.

My favourite Indian author of all times is R.K.Narayan. Of the contemporary ones, Ruskin Bond is another favourite. I really like the historical fiction genre of Ashwin Sanghi. And there are so may more Indian writers who are great to read.

Reading Indian authors are always good as I personally could relate to their stories. They are some great authors who have given some great books. This post is like a tribute to them. Thanks for sharing.

I will definitely try to read the listed authors’ books. Other than Ruskin Bond and Khushwant Singh I Have not read the others’ works.

Honestly I feel Ashwin Sanghi is little over rated as an author. I have read his Private India book about a 1.4th an left it as it didnt excite me. He seems to complicate his plot a lot. I love Ruskin Bond as he has very relatable plots and simply narrated stories.

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