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5 reasons a reader should join a Book Club

You may associate book clubs with old people, food and wine or all the 3 combined, but that’s not all. There is much more to a book club and that’s the reason why more and more book clubs are popping up with book fanatics joining in.

5 reasons a reader should join a Book Club
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So, if you love reading, here is why you need to join a book club;
  1. You actually read: When you join a Book club, you will be motivated to finish the book rather than taking your own time to read. The whole purpose of a book club is to push the readers to read more and more books and if you are here, you will be spending more quality time with your books than before.
  2. You make new Bookish friends: I can talk about books at length. But half the time I am surrounded by people who either don’t read at all or read only on holidays. My passion for books and talking about them finds company in a book club where everyone loves books.
  3. Discussions and perspectives: So book clubs like I said are not only about food and wine, but lot more. You don’t just read for entertainment when you join a book club. On the contrary, you get deeper understanding and perspective on the book and its characters when you discuss the book with club members.

    5 reasons a reader should join a Book Club
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  4. Broadens your horizon: When you join a book club, you have lots of recommendations being shared. This allows you to come out of your comfort genre. You try new books and venture into reading new authors from around the globe. Reading outside of your zone could help you grow as an individual.
  5. Calm amidst the chaos: For a person like me who finds peace amidst books, book club is my place to be. Out of the mundane rigmarole of life, people here only talk about books and nothing else. It can be a perfect getaway for a reader who chooses to talk about nothing else but books.
5 reasons a reader should join a Book Club
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As for my personal experience, I have found lots of interesting books and authors through Book Clubs and Bookstagramers. If books are on your mind, Book Clubs is where you need to be. Here is the link to the book club that I follow on Goodreads.

But before we end, here are some interesting book clubs by celebs world over that you can join. SJS Picks by Sarah Jessica Parker. Reese’s Book Club by Reese Witherspoon. Sonali’s Book Club by our very own Sonali Bendre. Belletrist by Emma Roberts.

Hope to see you soon in a book club.

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Book Clubs are now gaining popularity in the Bookstagammers world. But some how I don’t find it interesting. First thing buddy match system no way assure time of reading and discussing together will match or not. Talking about the bookclubs I came across in recent time. Secondly you dont need to have a club to read and discuss books. You can do it anytime and in anyway, subject to the fact both read the books. Reading is something I relish and want to do it with own time and not to hurry with others reading speed to match. So its good who loves Book club and I appreciate the presence of such clubs.

This was really very much needed.. I really become confused while joining one..but these points helped me to get out from that traumatized situation. I really loved your take on meeting new bookish frneds…keep Penning 💫

This is a wonderful and a much needed one for me. Book clubs surely help us read more books but somehow I find it boring. Nothing interesting takes place there. As far as reading books are concerned we can discuss it with any person who likes books. Thank you for sharing some book clubs.

I loved this one. But I haven’t joined any books club till now. And I think I’ll take Time too to join Inn any such

Btw thank you fir for such blogs

I love bookclubs, physical or virtual. They helps me keep motivated to read and introduce many new books and thoughts about books.

Reading is a solitary affair and meeting people who might have different tastes is interesting to start with but does the interest wane over a period? You have some interesting points.

Yes agree having a supporting community from book club can inspire us to read more and we can make more friends too. thank you so much for sharing amazing list of book clubs, will help those who are eager to joining a good book club.

Yes, I completely agree with this. The book clubs do motivate and help the readers to stick to a regime. I have had a block as I am unable to give time for reading. But the book clubs have helped me.

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