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My Top 3 reads of 2021

My reading list of 2021 was a mixed bag of books. I read books from many new authors whom I had not read before and while some I liked; some didn’t impress me much.

So, I thought to share my top 3 books from my 2021 reading list. To see all the books that I read last year, you can visit my Goodreads page.

My 1st pick is “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” by Heather Morris. This book is about holocaust and the concentration camp in Auschwitz. The story is a mix of fiction and reality. The actual story was narrated by the real Tattooist of Auschwitz, Lale Sokolov, to the Author in around 2003. So, wondering how it’s termed as a fictional book? Well, the author took the liberty to club many of the side characters to create few characters for her book. This was done to accommodate all the experiences of the people in 272 pages of the book. If you love reading Historical Fiction, this book is for you. The end pages of the book shares images to give you a real feel of the story. My top 3 reads of 2021

The next book that I enjoyed reading was, “The Paris Library” by Janet Skeslien Charles. Yes, this is again a Historical Fiction. Told you this is my favorite genre. The book is based in two time periods. 1933 to 1944 when the Nazis has attacked Paris and 1983-1989 when the main character, Odile is sharing her story to her teenage neighbor. Odile’s love for books draws her to take up a job at the Paris Library. When the Nazis attack Paris, the library decides to stay open for its readers. The book will give you a beautiful slice of history with its story revolving around family, love, books, and friendship. The Paris Library still sits in the shadow of Eiffel Tower and celebrated its centennial in 2020.

My top 3 reads of 2021My last pick would be “Before the Coffee Gets Cold” by Toshikazu Kawaguchi. This book is based in a small alley foTokyo in a café which has been serving coffee for over 100 years. But that’s not it. The coffee comes with a special power. It allows you to time travel but with a condition, Before the Coffee Gets Cold. Now to know what it means; you will have to read the book. This book was very different from what I have read before. The story will leave you with a though, what would you change if you got a chance to time travel and most importantly, whom would you meet?

My top 3 reads of 2021Apart from these 3 book, I also enjoyed reading Ghachar Ghochar, which is story about a family who moves from rags to riches and the with this shift, how their principal’s and morals also take a 360 degree turn. Another one that I liked reading was “Bombay Brides”. This book is based on Jewish families residing in a society in Ahmedabad and how each charters life is interconnected. The story jumps between Ahmedabad and Israel- Tel Aviv and I enjoyed reading about the lives of Jewish community.

My top 3 reads of 2021

I am planning to read more and more interesting books to come back here and talk about them to you all and I hope you all enjoy reading all my book related post as much as I enjoy writing about them.

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First of all I would like to congratulate you for reading such good books in 2021. It clearly indicates the fact that you are not just a good reader but a quality reader with multidimensional reads in your kitty. The best part of this post is that that besides taking the names of the book you gave a super shot summary of them and that’s commendable. I wish and pray that 2022 will give you more opportunities to read some amazing books. Stay blessed

I was very much interested to read the book Ghachar Ghochor. But my tbr was piled up in such a way that I really got messed up and could not do so. The book seems to have a nice plot and also the change that u mentioned in the family was like awesome. Keep writing dear ❤️

I hadn’t read any and the book (before the coffee gets cold) seems super interesting.

Will read this one soon

Wow, so you had a wanderful start in the 2022, Thanks for sharing the books, I,m looking forword to read the paris library. This one seems realy interesting to me. All the covers are so beautioful. Thanks for all the recommondation.

These are some very good books that I too wanted to read. Glad that you read them and also shared a short description of each book. I wanted to read Ghachar Ghochar but couldn’t do it last year. This year I’ll try.

This is a nice list of books. Unfortunately I have not read any o them, hope to catch up on my reading. I especially want to read, “The Tattooist of Auschwitz,” have heard a lot about this book, and want to get my hands on it. Sandy N Vyjay

Wow all these three books seem like great options for my next read. I was looking for some good books and I think I will pick all the three but will start with Before the Coffee Gets Cold. Thanks for the recommendations.

That’s some good reads & suggestions. It’s been a while I haven’t read any books.
So would love to pick one from this list- Before the coffee gets cold looks amazing.

You are such an avid reader and you always inspire me read more. I loved the list of books you have shared. among this, “before the coffee gets cold” sounds most amazing to me. will surly check out its availability here.

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