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Why do I set book targets every year?

Why does one set book targets? Hear it from a reader. Recently I came across a post which said that books need to be enjoyed without setting any targets. They are meant to be savored with each page and to devoured just to hit the set target. I had my own two cent to share so I thought to write it on my blog and let my wider audience know about it.

All those reading this blog and following it for a while already know that I am a voracious reader and every minute that I can spare, I give it to the books. So why do I set targets when I enjoy reading my books so much?

Why do I set book targets every year?For me, targets show a path which I need to follow to get there. It’s just as good as a goal for anyone else who works to attain it. With a set target in mind, I am motivated to continue to read and not cut slack. It’s my gush of adrenaline.

Then again, I get questions on why just 25 or 30 books when I don’t miss any opportunity to pick a book and read. Well, this is because I have two little humans who constantly want my attention and a husband who is trying to squeeze in-between these kids. So, with family and other chores, yes, my reading has scaled down compared to what it was earlier.

This is about now, let me tell you about how I use to set targets for every hour and read. When I got a job after graduation, it was an hours travel time in train. As soon as I use to sit in the train, I use to check my watch and set a timer. Till I reach the second last station, I will read 50 or 60 pages. Then I use to dig my face in the book and read without getting diverted. No wasting time over the phone, no chit chat, just reading. Once I got off the train, I had to board a bus to reach my office, and this again was a 15-minute ride. I would again set a target of 15 to 20 pages till I reach the stop.

This was a push, a challenge, I gave myself daily, and I enjoyed it. I used to get an adrenaline rush every time (more often than not) I hit the target.

Why do I set book targets every year?For me, reading is a passion which I have been catering to from a very young age and with each passing days, I want to turn more and more pages and read more books. I have a huge TBR list, and I love hoarding books. Even before I finish reading a book, I decide what will be my next read. Reading is like religion which I follow without dithering or faltering.

Target for is just the adrenaline rush that I want to enjoy at the end of it all. It makes me feel happy high. I missed my 2021 target of 25 books and closed the year with 20 books only. But with the onset of 2022, I have dined the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter and my new target is up. 25 it is again. Let’s see if I hit or miss this time. If you too wish to be a part of this fun challenge, register here and get reading.

I am sharing my Goodreads link for you all in case you wish to check the books that I have read and reviewed so far. Also read about my 2021 reading challenge and the books that I had selected here.


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Being a mom myself, it really takes some great planning to make time to read. Kudos to you for being able to read 20 books last year! I hope you get to reach your goal this year. Reading for sure not only helps give you some peace and relax time but also a for of Self-Care! A Happy New Year to you!

Reading is also a passion for me but what I felt in my journey as a reader and reviewer is that more than reader the target pressure comes from author and publishers for fast finishing. But reading is my passion and I consider reviewing as an art. An art needs attention and so I prefer to go with flow and not with target. READING BOOKS FOR ME IS A LOVE ❤

You nailed it. True, i believe in setting goals, as they help us to keep track on our progress. I always include small goals to daily routine, from reading books to doing workout. It also helps in organizing a productive day. Keep reading more, keep shining ❤

Well said… setting goals and hitting target actually helps a reader to read more books and finish their tbr. For me most of the time it is the authors who set deadlines….well written post

Whatever you told o completely agree with it. I also believe in setting targets in order to read more and slay my reading goals…I am reading you for the first time and feeling very much happy as I also feel thr same like you in terms of reading like a voracious reader ❤️

I alos set up the target. It helps to set me my reading speeed. Without the limit, may be some lazyness can caught me. It helps to nailed it. Reading is also a passion to me.through it helps and most time at the end of the tyear , im able to finish more then the goal.

I totally agreed with u. And setting reading goals also keep you active and productive.
I do keep such small small goals. However they gets misbalnced when exams gets on head😅😅

Reading books has its own benefits. Not only that it is good way to use our time productively and in a meaningful manner but it also opens up a new world for us. I also set targets for myself. I have never participated in any TBR challenge but reading has always been one of those things that I enjoyed. And now with my new role as a voice over artist, I get to read some really good books in a designated time ad summarizing it for my listeners.
Good luck with you goal for this year’s TBR.

I used to be like that when I was in college and also when I was working, I would use all my travel time to read books. But now reading has taken a backseat which I don’t like at all. But yes I loved to challenge myself to read more pages in one go, it was fun.

Setting book target help us perform better in reading and by doing so our daily reading habit takes the lead. Wish you good luck for the book target which I know you will do it in this year :))

I completely agree with you – I have always set reading targets and happy to say, have always stuck to them! Last year completed my target of 30 and this year have kept the same. Good luck to you!

Covid Time atleast got me reading in my spare time. But i still dont have a target – just lazy reading i am doing these days. Hopefully a full lockdown will not happen again and stop all kind of reading!

Last year I participated in my first ever reading challenge with Blogchatter and set a target of 20. Read more than 25. It’s a good way to stay motivated.

Reading books is a life-changing habit and I regained this habit after a long period through the #blogchatter reading challenge. Though I missed my target I am still happy that at least I was able to finish 8 books. Not a big number but I am happy that I am back on reading.

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