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Habits worth stealing from the Rich and Successful

We all have 24 hours in a day, yet some manage to do so much in that time while others struggle to complete even a single task at hand. So, what is it that they are doing differently to be ahead in the game and beat the time?

Habits worth stealing from the Rich and Successful

Let’s have a look at them one by one and evaluate where we stand and what changes we need to bring into our lifestyle.

  1. Wake up Early: We have all heard the saying “Early to bed, Early to rise, that makes a person, healthy, wealthy and wise”. This does stand true for the idols that we look up. If they chose to sleep through the day, they would not be where they are today.
  2. Get Proper Sleep: A healthy body needs proper rest and sleep. Like oil to machine, sleep is the power dose that is necessary to wake up with full energy.
  3. Envision the future: While they say, live in the present, we should not forget the future that is on its way. So, prepare for it. Financially, by saving and investing and physically by staying fit and eating right. Set goals for the future and walk towards it in the present.
  4. Delegate: Rich and successful people don’t have superpowers to do all the work in a day’s time. They have invested in people to delegate work to get things done on time. When you delegate, you are getting many things done at one time rather than getting one thing done at a time.
  5. Make swift decisions: When you choose to ponder and think and then think some more, you are just wasting your time and others time as well. A person who values time will make prompt decisions. Habits worth stealing from the Rich and Successful
  6. Set a schedule and plan the day: When the day is well planned, we set the wheels in motion. From a school goer to a successful business, when follow a schedule, can achieve much more than they could have otherwise. A well-planned day allows one to do the right thing at the right time and not procrastinate or miss anything important.
  7. Read and stay updated: Reading is not only about books, fantasy stories and fiction drama. Reading current affairs, national and international updates and what is trending helps one stay in tandem with the world. You don’t want to lose out on something important that the world knows but skipped your eyes and mind because you didn’t pick up the newspaper and read it.
    Habits worth stealing from the Rich and Successful
  8. Stay in good company: Company matters. People tend to rub off their behaviour and ideas with others around them and influence them. A person who is motivated and driven will also push you to succeed and pass on their good vibes, making the aura around you positive and thriving.

Not everyone can become number one, but right choices and practices can help you walk towards the path of success. Also read my blog on Financial Goals to achieve in your 20’s which talks about the importance of starting investment early and how to go about it.  Also read about the Pomodoro Technique of Time Management blog to know how you can divide your time to make it more productive.

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13 replies on “Habits worth stealing from the Rich and Successful”

Bang on habits. Looking at them closely, these is nothing unusual or fancy in them. They are simple habits but they can make a big difference. Getting up early is the first step. If we get early each day then just imagine how many extra hours we will in hand at the end of the month.

These habits can make anyone successful if followed religiously. I too follow plan your day tip and waking up early, shall try to inculcate few more in the coming year. Thanks for jotting all pointers for us in a single post.

Loved all the tips . yes, we as a normal people assume that rich people have some super powers and because of money they are more successful in life but in reality, it is all about staying organized and following healthy habits that brings lots of success in future.

These look so easy to follow but it sure needs a lot of discipline. I have been trying to set a sleep routine so that I get up early to finish some of my tasks first thing in the morning but I don’t know when I am going to achieve that. I just love the me time I get at night.

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