Men are just as emotional as Women

When it comes to expressing emotions, we humans, men or women, both are overflowing with it. But since women are seen to be more sensitive and vulnerable than men, its acceptable for them to display their emotions. But on the flip side, men are seen to be stronger and discouraged to do the same. But why? Men are just as emotional as women.

Men who are free to express their emotions are perceived to be too weak or termed “Not Man Enough” and this is a thing which has been prevailing in the society for eons. This however can be very toxic and detrimental for men’s metal wellbeing. Everyone needs to express and vent out their emotions and the one who suppress are the ones who suffer the most.

Men are as emotional as womenHow avoiding emotions can lead to varied consequences?

We all are designed to smile when happy and cry when sad. But what happens when you suppress the natural flow of emotions? Mental health disorder to begin with, which can culminate into depression and anxiety and for some even lead to taking drastic steps like suicide.

How can men be more open to with their emotions?

From childhood boys have been told to “not cry like a girl” or “Be a man, men don’t cry”. It has been imbibed in them to suppress their emotions when they really want to burst into tears and let their felling known.

So, to begin with, STOP saying “Boys don’t cry” or “Don’t be a Girl” to your son when he cries. From an early age, when you break the fake wall of discrimination, life growing up as a man will be easy and stress-free.

Allow men to express and be vulnerable about their emotions. Don’t judge them for crying. Men however have their own ways of expressing and dealing with grief and pain. Give them the room to express their emotions however they feel right. Some find solace in being the company of their pet, some like to deal with it by reading books. Others may choose to cook, exercise, or take break from their mundane life and go away for a while.

men are as emotional as women

The other way to deal with emotions and feelings is to see a therapist. It’s not always easy for men to walk up to a therapist. But it can be the idle thing to do if he finds it difficult to speak to anyone else. This is because here they have the platform to open up without being judged. This also helps in dealing with their emotions and cope with them in a more productive way. Invariably it averts a small issue from turning into a grave mental health issues like depression, trauma, anxiety, or substance abuse.

Just like women, men should also be allowed to express their emotions, especially the negatives ones openly. Shunning away the feelings is not the right thing to do. There may be a fear of chaos which comes with emotions. While the heart my want to express, the mind may have its own ego to suppress. But with practice, men can normalize the experience. It could be uncomfortable and tough to begin with but healthy and beneficial.

men are as emotional as women

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That concluding picture saying is so true. Crying is a feeling. And it shouldn’t be gender biased. It is not a sign of weakness. I hate it when I hear people saying even to little boys that “bos are strong, they dont cry”. Somewhere we are setting a notion in their little brain that since they are boys, they are not allowed to show when they are sad.

Crying is an emotion and that can felt by anyone irrespective of the gender and it also true that some people express through crying and some by not. Good to read the post that humans should give the feeling an importance and not the gender. I have also seen few women who do not cry often in grief or pain, it is their way to deal and this does not make them insensitive too.

Yes suppressing emotions are harmful for our mental and physical health. and everyone should have a right to express it without a fear of being judged. agree, our society behave judgmentally when it comes to men regarding sharing their emotions. hope things change in future and people stop behaving in that judgmental manner.

I wish the men who have been told in their childhood to not to cry and be strong, tell their sons to cry and let out their emotions. This would surely help them too.

I so agree with you. I have always believed that crying is not a sign of vulnerability. Rather it shows the humane side of you. So why cannot men cry? I find it weird as this norm has been set up by society.

When it comes to processing emotions, men and women have different expectations. Because women are frequently perceived as “sensitive,” it is socially acceptable for them to express their emotions, On the other hand, men, who are viewed as strong, are discouraged from expressing their emotions in public, even heard so many times from parents to young boys that ‘don’t cry like girls’. Hope things change in future.

Finally someone said it. How to feel bad when someone calls me fat. but everybody completely ignore that.

I wish all young boys are told that it is OK to feel low or cry. This may definitely reduce toxic masculine behavior that is so prevalent the world over.

Expressing emotions must always be considered as a strength. I have been lucky to have had men in my family and my male friends who do not hesitate in showing their emotions. I have seen them cry and I have seen them express happiness and for me it is a very normal thing. I hope everyone understands and allow men to be just themselves.

Oh absolutely, men are just as (if not more) emotional as women. I am a living proof of that! I can cry at the drop of a hat, and sometimes I can be all over the place. Men everywhere need to be in touch with their feminine side and I personally don’t feel there’s anything wrong with that!

I could not agree more with you. When it comes to expression , men are equalliy emotional like women , they just do not express. Really nice to read your blog about men and their feelings.

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