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6 Time management tips for Stay-At-Home Moms

Moms work around the clock with the To- Do list never coming to an end and now with the online schooling, work from home family members and less to no house help, time management plays a crucial role.

The pounding load of work can only bring stress and the best way to deal with is to shuffle and manage time so that moms get time to spend with their children, quality time with partner and also enjoy the almost forgotten Me-Time too.

6 Time management tips for Stay-At-Home Moms
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Follow this simple and doable tips and trust me you will be able to get more work done in a day than you could have otherwise. 
  1. Organise: When you know what is where and what is to be done, half the stress is gone. In a nutshell being organized simply means keeping the house in order, sticking to schedules and being discipled with the routine. Planning helps a great deal in this. List down the work and time allocated for it and every night before going to sleep, go through the next day’s list so you are prepared for it.
  2. Delegate: While it’s tempting to do everything on your own and ensuring things are done properly and in time, it’s impossible for one person to do it all. Delegate the work to other family members. This frees you from doing the minutest work in the house while others sit in front of the TV. Husband or any male adult can do the grocery runs. Kids can clean their room, teens or young adult kids can help folding the laundry. Work should be for everyone in the house and not just for moms.
  3. Say no when needed: The best tip for any mom is to learn to say “NO”. Yes, moms easily give into silly requests and demands just so they don’t disappoint the opposite person. But you land up being busier then before doing things you really didn’t want to do. It’s important to look at your own work priorities and say no to such demands. Nothing comes in between your will and time.
  4. Take Short Cuts: Where ever it is possible, take a short cut. Get pre chopped veggies instead of wasting time chopping them every time you start cooking. Get canned paste and purees to speed up the cooking process. Get fitted bedsheets than regular ones which are easier to manage and set the bed. Allocate your time where its most needed like pick and drop kids, get homework done or clean the house. And where you can, make the cut.
  5. Be flexible: We all want to stick to the schedule and be on time but we also need to be flexible. Include and accommodate unexpected things that most moms encounter like a sick child, car punctured during an errand run, out of ingredient during cooking. These things are unplanned and we need to have a time cushion. Have an alternate action plan in place to beat that one schedule hiccup that could otherwise have ruined your entire day.
  6. Self-care: As moms, we tend to lose themselves amidst all the work and responsibilities and its easy to put self-care at the end of the list. Self-care is not a luxury but a much needed break for moms. If you are not well rested and rejuvenated, you won’t feel motivated and function to your fullest. So get some quality sleep, eat healthy, take time to work out and sip your tea or coffee in peace.
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Just as we love to see our kids happy, our kids to love to see their mom happy.

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16 replies on “6 Time management tips for Stay-At-Home Moms”

Moms in general are always surrounded with tons of work. How well they organize their tasks decides whether they can enjoy stress free days or not. First of all, they should learn to let go a few things. I am among those moms who want to have a proper and disciplined routine. And to a great extent, I am able to do that. But I also make sure that I get ME time. It helps me in maintaining my sanity.

These are great tips Hansa and luckily I follow most of them at my place. stay organized is key to have a peaceful routine during busy weekdays. also, taking out me time is essential to get the energy that helps in serving others.

Being a Mom is a full time job ,and staying at home can actually make it worse rather than ease the pressure on the Mother as she makes herself available 24 hours .I feel every mom should take some me time out from her schedule to recharge herself and take a break.

I think I pretty much do all the above. I believe that self care is very important as we need to show our children that taking care of themselves is more important than just making money or cleaning the house.

Mom’s work is never ending. I liked the post-it notes in the picture. Breath and stay positive are very important in order to maintain our sanity. If we are happy then we can handle things better.

Whether you are managing your home or office, time management is essential. For moms who have multiple tasks to juggle with, this is even more important. Prioritising tasks and delegating them is so important, apart from alloting some time, as, “me time.”

I think I pretty much do all the above. Today’s woman is expected to perform multiple roles and excel in all. Social media and reality television magnify the pressure to be a supermom. Every mom, in my opinion, should carve out some me time in her schedule to recharge and relax.

I have huge respect for stay at home moms. It is not easy to juggle so many responsibilities when you’re at home. Time management is absolutely crucial for stay at home moms, because they have so much on their plates already.

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