5 signs that your house plants may be unhappy

Many houseplants are easy to grow and manage provided you give it proper opportunity to thrive and survive. While we all love having plants around us, it’s not always easy to keep them alive specially if you are lacking the green thumb. So, no matter how many plants you get home, you may be avoiding these 5 sings that make your plants unhappy.

But if you are one of those people who doesn’t believe in giving up and want to continue nurturing plants at home, these are the 5 signs you need to keep an eye on to make sure your plants are not dying.

  1. Discolouration: When you see that the leaves are changing color from green to yellow, there is something wrong. The reason could be over watering, poor soil draining or change in the climate. Make sure that the soil is turned around regularly to give it air. If there is a climate change, make sure your plant is not kept too close to heater or over exposed to the changing climate. E.g. is the summers have started and the heat is strong, the plant might get damaged due to the sudden heat exposure.

    discolouration in leaves. 5 signs that your plants may be unhappy
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  2. Scorched leaves: Too much strong and direct sunlight can cause scorching. Relocate the plant in a shaded area, prune the damaged eaves and water it well to nourish the roots.

    scorched leaves. 5 signs that your plants may be unhappy
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  3. Spotting on leaves: When you observe that the leaves are getting spots, it’s time to isolate the plant and pluck off the infected leaves. One way to avoid spotting is to allow air space between the plants and not splashing water on leaves.

    spotting on leaves. 5 signs that your plants may be unhappy
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  4. Slow growth: If the seeds are taking longer to germinate, you will have to start over. However, if the crop has developed leaves but it’s still not growing well, reason could be poor light. A plant needs good light, proper soil and watering to grow. Any of these when not provided well could lead to poor and slow growth.

    how to identify a healthy and a weak plant. 5 signs that your plants may be unhappy
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  5. Exposed roots: If the roots have started appearing above the soil and are visible from the pot, it means they are getting suffocated inside as they don’t have enough room in it’s existing container. The only way to deal with it is to move the plant to a bigger pot.

    what causes plant roots to show?
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When you get a plant home, you are bringing a life to nurture and take care of. But these plants, unlike humans and pets cannot communicate. Hence have their own signs and signals to indicate that they are in distress and need your attention.

Observe your plant closely for any change or signals and act upon it in time to help them survive and stay on top of their health.

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21 replies on “5 signs that your house plants may be unhappy”

Great pointers. More than half of the time, we are not able to figure out whats going on with house plants inspite of taking proper care. Plants are like kids who need everything in balance.

Great post …Plants however cannot tell us when something is wrong. Diagnosing their problems can require a bit of detective work. Observing our plant closely is very important.

First I loved all the images that you have include in the post. it has made easier to understand all the points that you have mentioned in the post. yes, house plants need proper care and we need to observe all signs to know that they are healthy and growing well. indeed a useful post for plant lovers.

Great tips Hansa. I loved all the images you have shared here, it has helped me a lot to understand all the pointers you have shared in the post. indeed a useful blog for plant lovers

This post is surely for people like me. I am horrible at taking care of house plants and they usually discolour. I add too much water I think. This is so informative, and hopefully I can get better at taking care of the plants.

thats a helpful information for people like me who is not very good at taking care of plants. Plants need proper and timely care and one should ignore the tell signs that you have mentioned.

That’s a very helpful post. I love plants but I suck in maintaining them. Thanks to you, now I know the signs and how can I keep them happy. Will share this with my mom too as she is passionate about gardening and planting.

I developed a love for gardening last year and still am trying to learn how to keep my indoor plants alive and fresh. Thanks for sharing such an insightful post. I love the pointers shared by you. It clearly helped me understand the problem my plants must be facing in details.

A lot of us like to have indoor plants and they need our love and care too. We need to understand if they are unhappy and take care, thanks for sharing these helpful pointers and the pictures really make it easy to understand.

You are so right in identifying the health of indoor plants, being a plant mom, I understand when they get unhappy and require special care. Though, slow growth is another reason to indoor gardens, which not necessarily means ill-health. Again, depends on the plant species too.

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