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Written in the Stars – Book Review

Visualise this, its a beautiful Sunday afternoon. A cup of hot tea by your side and a light read in your hand. So relaxing this scene looks, right? “Written in the Stars” is just that book you need to bring this scene into a reality.

Without giving away the story, let me tell you a bit about the storyline. Sitara- is a girl with a dream and a desire to grow. Can bend ways to get where she wants to but what happens in the transit. Abhimanyu- a typical boss topped with good looks to drool over.   He has a weakness, he strongly believes in horoscope and the stars. Sitara has got hold of this weakness and is using it to her advantage to climb the corporate ladder. But when there is a good looking boy and an independent smart girl, romance is suppose to bloom right? But now Sitara is in a fix- she has to pick one, love or the promotion that she has been struggling for such a long time.

Written in the Stars by Divya Anand book review

My take on the book: “Written in the Stars” by Divya Anand is a Romantic Comedy about life, corporate competition and love, all tossed well with the seasoning of astrology. This is Divya Anand’s 2nd novel and as a writer she has done a fantastic job. She has refrained from the cheesy lovey-dovey romance and given it a refreshing touch of horoscopes and stars. The language and the editing is perfect. Aah! that makes me so happy when I read a book. She has kept the story interesting  with humor, trivia quiz which will get you racking your brains too and rom-com, which will want you to keep turning the pages.

Sitara has been scripted as a head strong, career oriented and an avid quizzer, making her completely likeable. All the characters have done justice to the story. The Astrology angle gives and interesting take to the book, making it stand out from the otherwise typical rom-com books.

The book took me to my office days where work was mixed with gossip and some samosa and chai to go with it. If you enjoy a light and quick read, this is surely for you. Weekend is around the corner, so order your copy here and get ready to have a relaxed reading this book.

I give it a good 4 out of 5 stars.

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Oh I can imagine my Sunday afternoon, a cup of tea and probably this book as you suggested. Liked your review and I think this would be a wonderful book over a weekend.

Thanks for the review. Sounds like nice light quick read! And you know, I so get you when you say that good editing makes you happy! Same pinch!

I am hearing a lot about this book all across the web. I loved the plot and astrology twist seems interesting to me as well, would love to give this a try. as usual, your review was crisp and honest.

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