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8 steps to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

We know the saying which goes like ” Penny Penny makes a pound” or it’s Hindi version “Boond Boond said he sagar banta hai”. Small steps can help bring a huge change when we look at them over a period of time. A drastic change in life is always tough but a conscious effort can surely help one lead an eco-friendly lifestyle.

So regardless you have decided to go eco friendly for environment, save money or realise how easy and doable it is, each step you take will bring you closer to making our planet a better place.

So here are some sustainable and easy ideas to get you started on your journey of eco friendly living.

  1. Switch off: Reduce your electricity bill and your carbon foot prints by hitting the off button. Leaving any electronics on standby mode leads to energy consumption and a simple click can help you reduce the load. So next time when you walk out of your bedroom or conference room, make sure you switch off the lights.

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  2. Reduce plastic usage: One thing that I’ve been following diligently. Out went the plastic containers, jars and bottles and in came the glass containers. Even when it comes to toys, I stick to his grade plastic or wooden toys or things which can be reused and recycled. Plastic bags takes long to decompose, so do away with them and carry your own cloth bags next time you go grocery shopping.
  3. Use LED bulbs: Not only are LED bulbs efficient compared to regular ones, they also last longer which means less replacement. LED lights consume less electricity making it perfect for your pockets and the environment.
  4. Minimalistic Lifestyle: The one thing that we all should adopt is cutting needless buys. Understand the difference between needs and wants and go for needs rather than wants. There are many portals which now sell preloved clothes for adults and baby stuff as well. Pass on things you no longer need like kids stuff specially which they outgrow over a period of time. Pass their clothes, toys and books to anyone who can now use it for their child.
  5. Fix it: It’s easy to discard and get a new thing when anything is damaged or not working properly. But a little effort of trying to mend it could give it a new life and also help you save some bucks and decrease the waste that is created.
  6. Reuse the boxes: Online shopping means lots of courier boxes. Put them to use in some or the other way. Make a pretend play set for your kids, build a doll house, or make an organiser for yourself.
  7. Go on foot: Running for an errand, walk it up. Not only you reduce the carbon emission from vehicles but also burn those calories.
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  1. Stop food wastage: It takes at least 90 to 120 days to grow one grain of rice and it takes not even a minute to waste it. With hungry mouths waiting to get one morsel to food, wastage of food is a big no no. Cook the right quantity. If it’s less you can remake it but don’t over cook to discard it if not consumed. There are many volunteer based organisations like Robinhood Army who take the extra food that you have from parties or restaurants and pass it on to the needy. Click here to know more about them and how you can connect with them.

We all know that with our incorrect actions, the global temperatures are rising, which is not making it easy for the environment to sustain. Being a citizen of this planet, respect it and take few but noteworthy efforts to save our planet.

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save our planet earth with small and doable steps to live a sustainable lifestyle.
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Simple yet effective tips. I always think that we have always been taught to preserve nature. As kids, we have been reminded by our parents to switch off light and fans, not to waste water, being happy in whatever we have. But with time, we have forgotten all that. Now is the time to brush up our basis again.

I agree that small steps could bring a major change in future, you have shared really great and effective tips to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle and luckily I follow most of these at my household. use of plastic is main culprit that negatively affect our environment, and we should try to minimize its use by using other eco friendly alternatives .

Exactly the need of the hour to reduce as much as we can and follow an eco-friendly lifestyle. Hopefully in the coming years, we will see a greater positive change around us and its visible impact.

Our single step towards eco friendly lifestyle really will help a lot in life and give us happy environment to live in. All 8 steps which you shared I am happy that I am following few among them.

These are doable pointers and practising them daily will make it as our habit and our children will learn by watching us. I always believe that next generation is more responsible towards the environment as they have responsible parents.

That reminds me of a guy who would drive down to the gym everyday and the gym was hardly one km from his place ! Small steps is all it takes to make a palpable difference when everyone does their bit. Kudos to you for bringing this up !

These points are a constant reminder that if we aim for a simplistic life it is not so hard to live an eco friendly lifestyle. All the points are very easy and can be followed by all, but still we do not.

Totally agree with all the points you’ve mentioned here. If we all follow these simple steps, we can save our planet and ourselves at large. In my family, I always try to apply almost all of them and my sons also take responsibilities.

This is such a nice blog post. I have been meaning to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle for ages now. However, in a city like Gurugram, I just cannot let go of a few things. For instance, I want to travel by foot to a few places or use public transportation. Post Covid, though, I am a lil hesitant is go to crowded places like subway etc. Other thing is I don’t know is how to get rid of plastic completely in my house. Most FMCG companies these days package their products in plastic, which is a cause of concern for everyone.

There is a growing need to be aware and become environmentally conscious. Adopting these eco-friendly lifestyle is the need of the hour. I am big fan of minimalistic lifestyle. Years ago when I went to a 10 day Vipassana Meditation Camp, I was blown away by the fact that you don’t need too many things to live well and I have been practicing that and reducing clutter and giving up on the urge to buy unnecessary things. Thanks for the reminder and nudge.

Each one of us can make a difference when it comes to the environment. Small things like switching of lights, choosing green transport, etc., can make a big difference. Environment is really everyone’s business and one should not think that it is something that the Government or other institutions need to worry about.

Being eco friendly is the need of the hour. I try as much to reduce the plastic usage, I have changed all the cooking utensils to either be glass or steel and not plastic. Also I walk as much as I can and never take vehicles if it is within 4 kilometres in distance.

Such easy steps but they’ll surely go a long way in making eco-friendly changes in our lifestyle. No plastic and switching off are great for an immediate change.

I have always been big on reuse and recycle from my childhood infact and I do see my kids natuarlly adopting this attitude. However I found the ‘Fix it’ point something definately to ponder on and incorporate more

Given the way world is moving towards global warming and environmental hazards causes by humans it becomes imperative that we follow certain steps to protect the environment. Adapting to ecofriendly lifestyle indeed is the key to it.

If we take a small step today, it will be a huge thing for the future. I am glad to see you have kept is very simple and yes, I would also like to add, this is everyone’s responsibility to bring a change personally.

Exactly. Just these small acts make a world of difference. We often just ignore or take the easy way out. High time we change our ways before it is too late.

I recently came to know that the bulbs that we use in our house are eco friendly. I felt enormously proud. Food wastage is something my entire family is very careful of.

These are such easy and simple steps that we can take to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. We have adopted almost all these in our life and it feels so good to know that we are in a way helping the environment and mother nature.

This was the way we were brought up, and somewhere down the line forgot. I remember nothing being chucked away in our home, it was always fixed. Now a days it is so difficult to get things fixed, in some cases it costs more to get things fixed than buy a new one.
A great article with doable tips!

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