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Growing Up With Teens – Book review

Book: Growing Up With Teens

Pages: 86

Publication: Authors Tree

Available on: Amazon and Flipkart

Now this is not going to be like my any other book review where I talk about the Blurp and then about my point of view or review on the book.

Growing Up With Teens is authored by my friend Ruchi Verma who is a certified Teen Parenting Practitioner and a mom of a teen so I know this book comes with first hand experience. I have been following Ruchi’s writing through her blog and when she announced her book, I knew something insightful was in-store for all parents.

Now talking about the book, don’t assume that this book is only for parents of teens. I am yet to reach that stage as my kids are still under 10 but I chose to read this book to prepare myself for what is coming my way.

We know parenting is not an easy job and each one has their own unique and different style of parenting but the stages in a child’s growth are similar. From a baby to a toddler and going to be a teen, the child experiences multiple changes in themselves, be it physically, mentally or in their behaviour and these changes need to be address and we as parents need to be prepared to deal with them.

Ruchi has tapped on all the possible topics of teenage-hood. There are so many things that we as parents shy away from discussing with our kids or finish it off in a hush hush to save ourselves from the embarrassment. But rightly, these topics of Puberty and Sex Education need to be sat across and spoken and discussed with our teens and Ruchi has shared some really helpful ways in which we can do this with an ease.

Our children are growing with social media and all the exposure, good and bad that comes with it. Cyber crime and bullying is real and Ruchi has in detail explained how was a parent we can be a perfect guide to our teens and help them understand the ethics and consequences of their mistake on social platforms.

Ruchi has envisioned this book and penned it in clear words  by breaking it into 12 chapters tapping each topic of teen-hood. Parenting a teen is a job in hand and we all are going to be there one day and this book has sensible and doable approach to deal with the teen-trums and the changing teen behaviour.

Coming from an experienced and Certified Teen Parent Practitioner, this book is a perfect guide for us  parents to rely on. I am sharing this book my sister in law who is now a mother to a teen and I remember having endless discussions with her about the changes that are coming in my niece and how should they be tackled and all these questions have been answered in this book. So if you are a parent, get this book. You can also get in touch with the author Ruchi Verma via email.

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I admire Ruchi for her writing skills. Teen is a tricky age group. Being a mother of a teenage daughter, I experience the ups and down almost every day. This age group ned to be handles with care. I wish Ruchi loads of wishes for her book.

A very ” straight from the heart” review, Hansa. Ruchi is a great writer and parent. Am sure she must have given great insights to parenting teens. That is the most problematic period for parents as they just don’t know how to handle their teen. Her book will be a great guide for parents of teenagers.

Ruchi is one of finest blogger of our blogging industry and I admire her work a lot. I love the topic of her book and being a mom of teen, it seems so relatable to me. I am sure her book will help lots of parents who find it hard to deal with teen age parenting challenges. loved your honest review of book.

Ruchi is a prolific blogger and a hands on Mom, so when she writes a book based on her experiences, it is bound to be a good read. Your crisp and honest review just confirms the same.

As a Teen Parent Practitioner, Ruchi has added credibility to this book. She is a fine Blogger and now a author, I know every advice of her can be incorporated in our lives. Very soon I am going to get my copy.

Oh wow. Didn’t know that the author of the book “Growing Up With Teens” is our very own Ruchi Verma. I’m definitely ordering a copy for myself today itself. Since my son is entering his teens, maybe this book will help me a lot with some handy tips and tricks.

Ruchi is a well-known blogger. And I am sure there are very important points which I should read being a mom of a teenage girl. I will get a copy for myself

Ruchi is one of my favourite bloggers and how can I not read her book!! The review is so honest , I will surely get my hands on this book.

This looks like a good book for parents of teens. Books written by authors who have experienced it always are the best. Thank you for sharing a balanced review.

My daughter is entering inti teenage 🙂 I sure require some good advice to ride through this wave 🙂 shall check it very soon…

Hearing lots of good reviews about Ruchi’s book. I wish I could get my copy here in the USA I am fond of her work, she is indeed a one of the best blogger of blogging fraternity!

Thank you for reviewing this book and I feel this is a need of the hour for me as my son steps into his teens next year.. also the new influences and how parents can support is very much required

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