Keep your feet healthy with Deyga Foot Care Kit

Our feet are our workhorses. We walk an average of 5000 steps, that’s 2.5 miles a day and not to mention that all our body weight is borne by our two feet. They are highly exposed to sand, dust and germs and fancy shoes and heels add to the pressure that the feet must go through. Hence, these feet of ours deserve as much pampering as our face and hair.

Earlier I use to frequent the saloon on a monthly basis to pamper them by the lockdown and covid situation made me take things in my hand and I started my search for a brand which would do justice to all the hard work my feet do and the care they deserve.

I stumbled upon the website of Deyga and did my on research and read reviews on the brand before I decided to try it.

What is Deyga all about?
Deyga has a natural take on beauty. Their each and every product is organic and cruelty free and each particle is combined by hand to bring to us the ultimate experience of being one with nature. All the ingredients used to chisel out the product from start to finish are pure and sourced from organic matter.

So basically, the brand resonates my love for nature-based products which are not tested on animal.

Now let’s know about the Deyga Foot Care Kit and my experience with each of the products in the kit.

Deyga’s “FOOT CARE KIT” includes Foot Crystals, Foot Scrub and Foot Butter.

The Foot Crystals
The foot crystals infused with peppermint are perfect to give you a relaxing and stress-free experience. A gentle massage with these crystals will help loosen up the nerves and muscles and improve blood circulation.

Deyga Foot Crystals to relax the muscles

I got the Berry and Peppermint crystals for my Foot Care Routine and the smell itself is very soothing. I socked my feet in warm water and then gently massaged my feet with Deyga Foot Crystals for around 5 minutes to see the dead skin coming off and I could feel instant relaxation in my muscles.

The Foot Scrub
Foot scrub is the best way to get rid of dead and cracked skin, leaving it exfoliated, smooth, healthy and supple. In short you get happy feet.

Deyga Foot Scrub for soft and clean feet.

I used the Deyga Foot Scrub after socking my feet in warm water and scrubbed my feet for around 5 minutes using mild pressure. I could see the difference of before and after as my feet felt soft, clean and radiant with all the dry and flaky skin scrubbed off. You get crack free feet and soft feet.

The Foot Butter
The main reason why our skin turns dry, and cracks is the lack of moisture. The Foot Butter by Deyga is highly absorbing leaving the skin feel moisturized and nourished. Its ingredients include Coconut Butter, Olive Oil, Bee wax and vitamin-E oils which are a perfect mix to treat dryness. Coconut helps in absorbing and olive oil acts a conditioner to liven up the skin so you get beautiful feet.

Deyga Foot Butter for smooth heels

I finished off my foot care regime by using The Foot Butter by Deyga after I did my Foot Scrub. I took a small scoop and gently massaged my feet and let it work it’s magic overnight. The next day my feet felt soft, and the missing shine was back again. It is among the best foot care products in India.

So next time when you want to take the load off your feet, do give Deyga Foot Kit a try. You can order the kit from here. Deyga is a great brand with wide variety of products available ranging from face, skin, hair and foot and men’s grooming. It’s a must try.

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Foot care is utmost important once the monsoon ends, with the Deyga kit it will be now easy to take care of the foot as all the products are packed with natural ingredients and results seems to be good too.

I was looking for something for my feet as I have developed cracked heels and they ache now. I will surely try this foot care kit as I like the natural way Deyga makes its products. Thank you for the holistic review as it helps in making informed buying decision.

My sister has used Deyga skin care products and was very happy. It is good to know about Foot care range also. I am sure, they will be a hit.

Deyga is leading well ness brand of india and I loved their entire collection of health and wellness products. this foot care kit is looking really amazing. thanks for sharing your honest review. will surly explore it from my side too.

This entire foot care kit sounds perfect. I will be checking the products out definitely. Do let me know your experience after long term use too.

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