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The Mahabharata In Rhyme – Book Review

Mythological stories are something that have been told from eons and generations after generations have heard them, read them and interpreted them in their own version. 

When I was a child, we didn’t have many options to decipher our mythology better and it was only through limited books and TV shows that we were able to apprehend it. Also, Mythology was never able to garner my attention as too many names and characters left me lost and I couldn’t connect the dots. However, its only recently that I realised that these are the rich tales of my land and I need to know them better and shifted my attention to them and found them to be very alluring and gradually I started looking out for Mythological reads for my kids too.  

Now we have oodles of options to make our kids learn about our rich mythology and one such book came our way, and I was more than delighted to get it for my kids. “The Mahabharata in Rhyme” retold by a 12-year-old Sai Gupta is a hardcover book and tells us about the saga in a perspicuous rhyme form. 

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Mahabharata is an interesting tale of the right and the wrong, Dharma and Adharma and loaded with so many lessons to learn, understand and implement in our life. Sai has very beautifully penned her perspective in the form of rhyme that there were times even I was left pondering upon them. Rightly placed metaphors give an interesting insight to the story making it fun to read and easy to relate and comprehend. 

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The book begins with a family tree chart and has been divided into 21 chapters spread over 165 pages making each chapter easy read and grasp. Beautiful depiction of the story in form of illustration brings words to life, and with her erudite knowledge of the Mahabharata, Sia has given young readers a winsome book to cherish. 

As a person, I feel proud to see young writers penning their thoughts into words and when a job is so well done, it does deserve kudos from all. I would highly recommend this book for young readers.

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wow…what a lovely title to the book. I like Mythology but as you said, as a child, I didn’t have much interest due to too many characters in it. I am surely going to heck out this book for my kids. My son is 5 so I think he may enjoy the rhyme.

Wow a 12 year old has written this book. This is super impressive and it is great that she has choosen a mythological theme for writing her debut book. Addition of rhyming style sounds interesting to me.

Wow this book looks awesome. Mahabharata with rhyme is such a unique and interesting way of sharing the story which needs to be told to children. Will love to buy this for my kids and like to gift them too.

Looks like an interesting book. Explaining mahabharata stories is though as the relationships are complex and explaining them to kids becomes difficult. I like the idea if a family tree.

Rightly said, now there are many ways to decipher mythology. This book seems awesome; shall get it for my kids

A 12 year old authoring such a rich epic like Mahabharata, by itself is no less than a wonder. I will surely get this book.

OMG … what a cool concept … my children would love to know about the epic of Mahabharata in rhyme form. I can’t wait to order this book today. So inspiring to know that the book has been retold by 12-year-old Sai Gupta. More power to him!

Mythology is my favourite niche since my childhood. This book looks very interesting to me. I am going to order one for myself. I am sure even my kids would love to read

Mahabharta is not just in our religion but it has many things that can be learnt from the story. The book illustrations look interesting for getting kids attention in reading the book.

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