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My Bucket List- The one that is and the one that was.

I always keep telling my husband about things that I want to do when I get some time off my kids, once they get into higher grades. And when I saw the prompt of “My Bucket List” at Blogadda, I just wanted to jump at the opportunity and write it down and make it even more achievable. 

So my bucket list is something that I have had in my mind from a long time and slowly and gradually plan to attain what ever I can of this.

For now, have a look at my Bucket List;

Standing under the Eiffel Tower with my husband. Paris is called the City of Love and so I really wish to be there with my Husband, stand under the starry sky and the all lit up Eiffel Tower and have a nice moment with him. That’s why when I went for a Euro Trip with my friend, I skipped Paris as that spot and place is reserved for my husband. 

Have books all around me. I am already surrounded by ample of books which is now irking my husband because they have taken up all the possible places in my house. My bookshelf is overflowing but I still want to buy more and more books and read them all. I want to retire and read only books in my free time. 

With books all around me, I really wish to have a nice big library of my own. A dedicated room space just to accommodate all the books that I have and will have in the future. Though I don’t like lending my books to anyone as I have had many experiences of my books not being returned despite asking for it many times. But yes, hopefully I will be able to surpass that feeling and open a library. And even if I don’t lend them to anyone, I will keep these books in the library for my kids to enjoy when they grow up. Somewhere I feel my legacy lies in my books and it will be the best thing that I can leave behind for my children. 

Travel with my family abroad. Since my kids were small, we have put this plan on hold till they are big enough to understand and enjoy the places. This wish of mine I believe, will soon turn to reality as now my kids love to travel and post pandemic, we will plan a nice holiday abroad. Travel adds a wonderful experience to our life, and I think it’s time for us to do that. 

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As much as I fear heights, I really want to at least once, jump off a cliff and into the water. Though not from much height of course, I really want to do that. My husband knows about this and keeps sending me videos of people who have done it just to boost my desire even more. 

I am fascinated with different languages, and I really wish to learn a new language, mostly French as it sounds like music to my ears when I hear people speak in it. I do know a few words and basic greetings which I learnt with my daughter during her online classes, but I want to speak it more fluently and be able to communicate it in a better way. 

The last one and the silliest one. A typical Bollywood person, I want to wear a chiffon saree and dance to a Yash Raj Movie song on an ice clad mountain of Switzerland. I know the chill is going to be too much to handle but nevertheless, I want to do it

From the list you can see that it is all about either books or about travel or something that invariably involves travel. Associated with travel, I also want to go do a Hot Air Balloon ride, do sky diving and trot the globe as much as I can. My bucket list is all about things that I am most passionate about and as they say it takes time to convert dreams to reality and step by step, one by one I am working on attaining them, one tick at a time.    

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Now I am going to share about the things that I have already ticked off my bucket list. Living the moments that you always planned and thought about is simply awesome. You feel you are walking into your dreams. 

I love adventure sports and I really wanted to try Scuba Diving. For my honeymoon I conveyed this wish to my husband and he more then willingly obliged. Since my passport was expiring in next 20 days, we couldn’t travel abroad. So, we chose Andaman Islands. From Andaman we went to Havelock Island as there is a nice spot for Scuba Diving. I had jitter before we began as 1. I don’t know how to swim and 2. I am asthmatic so I feared if I would not be able to breathe underwater. But once we went into the waters, all the apprehensions went off my mind and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being amidst the beautiful water creatures that I had just seen in books and photos earlier.  We had the exact same moment that Hritik Roshan expressed in “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” after he went for a scuba dive. We couldn’t get it out of our head for some time. This was my one wish ticked off thanks to my husband. 

Scuba Diving with my husband at Havelock, Andaman. This image belongs to and any form of reuse is not permitted.

The second wish that I had was a Euro trip specially London as that’s one place that I have always been fascinated with. I am completely smitten by the style, the class and the overall feel of London. Again, my husband fulfilled this wish for me. Aayera was 1.5yrs old so he told me to do a trip with my best friend while he took over the daddy duties. Am I blessed or what? I was living a dream. Walking through the streets of London, splurging on London fashion and making the most of the cold weather, I enjoyed every bit of it. 

Me at one of the canals in Amsterdam. This image belongs to and any form of reuse is not permitted

One more wish that we recently ticked off was to play in the snow. Well coming from Muscat, Gulf region and then staying in Mumbai, all I’ve ever experienced is heat and sun. In the January of 2021, we took off to Kufri and Shimla with our family and friends and has some amazing time in the snow. While my husband has stayed in UK for 13 years, snow was not new for him but my kids and I went crazy shooting some snow balls, making snowman and doing some snow angel poses.

The entire gang at Kufri enjoying the snow. This image belongs to and any form of reuse is not permitted

These may look like a small list and only 3 ticks so far but with the grace of God and my husband, both of whom have been super good to me and made life easy form me in whichever way possible. And yes, for the rest of the items in my list, my husband and I are already in talks and making plan to get them ticked off soon. 

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21 replies on “My Bucket List- The one that is and the one that was.”

I love your list! I love the idea of having a library and can relate to the books taking up a lot of space. I’m also afraid of heights but jumping off a cliff into water looks like a lot of fun. Maybe I will face my fear sometime and try it. Your post is making me want to face my fear of the ocean so that I can experience scuba diving. I wish you the best on your list! You’re doing great. (: Thanks for sharing!

Christina Kuvaja | Navigation To Happiness

Loved your bucket list. Taking a trip to Europe is in my bucket list for so long. I also want to Viti Kerala backwaters in my upcoming India trips.

loved your bucket list Hansa, it shows your passion towards life. I already know your love for books, with this post, you have confirmed that up to next level. hope you get all these things in future.

It’s cute how so many items on your bucket list are similar to mine. Is it a woman thing? Great to see you achieving what you planned to. All the best for others!

It is always great to have a bucket list, and even better to be able to live your dreams and tick off items from your bucket list.

Your bucket list is amazing, even I have few lists. India tour, want to click pictures in Switzerland like the way we see in yash chopra movies. All the adventures and a trip like zindagi na milegi dubara

Wow, Hansa this prompt has brought out so many hidden desires in me too. There is so much on my bucket list that even I want to fulfil in life. Loved reading all that you have mentioned in your bucket list. And hope you wouldn’t mind me replicating the idea of this post on my website too. Just that this prompt takes me to so many dreams of my own.

I am yet to scuba dive though I have swam in a lagoon. My bucket list is to travel and travel my heart out..

You know, just like you, even I fear heights. So I went for zip lining and paragliding. I did paragliding at Bir Billing, one of the highest places in the world to pursue the sport.
I love that you want to jump off a cliff and into the water. That will be so much fun!

Love reading about ur bucket list and I hope u achieve what u desire. i HOPE THINGS GET BACK TO NORMAL, so I could too travel my heart out.

Scuba diving is on my bucket list as well. Our wishes can be small but it is so satisfying when we can actually fulfill those.

Hey all these are part of my bucket list too. Love all the lovely pictures your shared with your family. Shifted to New house have me a hope too, to have a small library of my own.

I love books and traveling too and dream about having a library in the house I finally settle in! I have traveled a lot …. 20 plus countries, but mostly for work, and I would love to travel more on holidays, with family.

I am sure every single mom has a Bucket List to be fulfilled amazing post you have just put up my set of wishes to even cooking is my passion want to explore in that to lets see if time permit thank you to sahre lovely post

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