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The Pomodoro Technique of Time Management

In the current times when most of us are working from home, we all need a proper time management technique to get things done efficiently. With family, housework and grocery runs to do as well, we need to make sure that we utilize our time in the best possible way so that all the important work gets done on time. 

So recently I was reading up about time management over the internet and I came across a wonderful technique which I found to be very effective and when practiced, can help us get our work done proficiently and in the desired time. It’s called the Pomodoro Technique. Don’t be surprised if I tell you that the name is derived from Tomato in Italian for the tomato shaped timer that was used by Francesco Cirillo, who has coined this technique. 

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What is Pomodoro Technique?

One thing that we all are struggling for is time and the Pomodoro technique helps you to work within time instead of struggling with it. It’s mainly an effective time management system which is effortless and easy to follow. You will understand this better as you read on. 

How Pomodoro Technique works?

  1. Firstly, identify the tasks or make a to do list of things you need to complete in a day. It can be big, small, easy or tough. What is important that this work needs your undivided attention. 
  2. Once you know what you want to do, set up a timer for 25 minutes and tell yourself that you will work uninterrupted till the timer goes off.
  3. Now immerse yourself in the work till the timer doesn’t buzz. In between you realize you need to do anything else too, just write it down but don’t break the flow of your current work. 
  4. Once the timer buzzes, your 25minutes are up. If you completed the work that you started, mark a tick in a piece of paper. One task accomplished. 
  5. Now take a short break of 1 or 2 minutes only. 
  6. Start the entire process again. Select a task, set a timer, work on it and once done with the 25 minutes, mark a tick followed by a short break.
  7. Once you get 4 ticks on your paper, i.e. 4 tasks accomplished, you can now enjoy a long break of 20 to 25 minutes. This break will help your brain assimilate new information before you start your next round of Pomodoro. 

How Pomodoro Technique can help you be more efficient with work?

  1. With this technique you will learn to work without interruption. So, the scope of error due to lack of concentration becomes negligible. 
  2. You will organize and simplify work at hand as you convert a complex goal into series of simpler goals to be attained. 
  3. You understand the effort that is required to get the task done so you reduce the complexity as you organize your time.

If the job at hand requires a lot of time, you can either break it into small tasks and accomplish it or you can have your own time variation by adjusting it to suit your needs. So instead of 25 minutes, you can go for a longer time, say 60 or 90 minutes. If your finish your task before your buzzer goes off, utilize the time to edit or review your work or streamline what you want to do next. 

The entire process of planning, analyzing, recording and tracking is the core of this technique to meet the main goal with no interruption of any kind as you stay focused on your job at hand. Once a pomodoro is complete, it gives a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

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Who can follow the Pomodoro Technique?

This technique is very simple and can be used for adults for their work be it office or house work and can also be applied to kids and students when they are sitting for their studies or doing some activity.

So next time you are struggling to finish work on time, try the Pomodoro Technique. It’s a very easy method to practice and once you get the hang of it, it is going to help you get your work done efficiently. 

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Looks like I have been following pomodoro technique. Today I know its correct name. 🙂 I agree, by following this, more work is done. The timer works as the guide and the check mark make the entire process a pleasant feeling, sort of a reward.

Pomodoro technique is a new terminology I learned today after reading this post, but I am happy that following the same for my time management. This post is really helpful for many who want to learn more about time management.

I had read about this technique before and loved this concept too. yes, time management is one of the most important area of life and doing it properly can help a lot in boosting productivity . I usually believe in pre planning and chunking the large tasks into smaller one and it helped me a lot to stay on track even with pressure of multiple responsibilities.

Wow! Pomodoro Technique, the technique’s name, is new to me, but the concept it says all about is certainly not new. Yes, Time management aids a huge contribution in making one’s life happier and contented. A much-needed post, as I am literally working hard to get all my job done under the prescribed time.

In have been a big time advocate of pomodora technique. As a trainer I talk about various learning techniques out of which pomodora is the most effective and proven one. Thanks for sharing such a detailed post.

This is a brand new technique and honestly I have never heard about it . I am planning to incorporate this for sure in my life. This is such a helpful post

Thanks for introducing us to The Pomodoro Technique. Ever since the Pandemic forced us to stay at home, my time management has suffered a serious setback. Going to give this technique a go!

Have been following this for years and it’s today that I know it’s name “ Pomodoro Technique”.

Time management is a big challenge for many of us. Thanks for introducing us to the Pomodoro technique. Will surely give this a try, although I guess it will take time to learn focussing while the clock is ticking.

Ah! I didn’t know this is called Pomodora but think was following this during my bankinh days. However, at times working under the buzzer brings stress beyond ones control, especially with the people who suffer from anxiety like me. It Gets very reverbating for us.

The Pomodoro technique is a unique and very efficient way to manage your time. The best part is that it enables the completion of a task within time without extra pressure.

I was introduced to Pomodoro technique by my father and have seen mother practising it too. Well I am do tasks in the stipulated time and have seen good results in the work and efficiency is at par.

That is quite an interesting concept that I wasn’t aware of. I am a mess when it comes to procrastination and proper planning. I guess. about time I should give this a try 🙂

Wow I have come across this technique for the first time but I have become a fan of it now. I usually try to restrict myself to one task in stipulated time but often get distracted. I will try the timer thing for sure to make sure I finish things well .

I didnt know about this Pomodoro technique for better time management. This can surely make my life much easy and organized.

This is something new I learnt today. I thINK after reading the article I am better equipped to manage y time efficiently.

Omg! I keep on searching for tips on time management. you have written it in so much detail. I ll try to follow in my daily routine.

Oh this is something new to me. Time management is quite essential. I would surely take help of these tips that you have shared.

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