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Reasons why you should invest in Girls Education

We all talk about equal rights and opportunities in the modern society where women want equal footing as men. But if you look a little deeper, into the rural sector, which is more than 50% of India’s population, the girls there don’t even get an opportunity to lay foot in a school because the family needs her to look after other younger siblings, cook when both parents are working or fetch water from the far away well. 

But let me tell you for a fact that even in cities, we have families that wait for their daughters to hit the age of 18 so that they can wash their hands off her by getting her married. As if the only thing a parent needs to do for a girl is to find a groom. They don’t look at the broader picture that with her education and opportunity to work, she could be an asset to her family by supporting them financially. Also, when she is better educated, she will get an equally educated and well earning groom. 

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So let’s talk about how an educating a girl is the best investment a family can make; 

Higher Earning: A girl with basic graduation will earn better than a girl who has not completed her basic education. And the more she is educated, the more money she makes. So, think this way, whatever you are spending on her education, is going to come back to the house as her salary. With quality education woman can get a well-paying and secured job which will improve her life. 

Small and sustainable family: When a girl is educated, she knows and understands the cost of living. It’s seen that educated women choose to have one or maximum two kids with at least 2 to 3 years of gap which is perfect financially and for the mother’s health too. When girls get married and experience birthing at an early age, they face a lot of complications and go through health issues and the count of the children is nearly 4 to 5 or till they don’t get a son. 

Educated mother means a healthy Family: When a mother is educated, she understands the important of vaccines, nutrition and medical care. We know that these are important factors and if overlooked or not done properly, can affect the overall development of the family. 

Prevents child marriage: Higher education is one way of beating the social issue of child marriage and the harmful consequences of early motherhood.  When a girl chooses studies over a groom, she is choosing a better life for her which is her basic social right. 

Empowers them: Educated women have control over the household resources and managing things around the house, from budgeting to sourcing, they do it with more efficiency. The don’t accept domestic abuse and maintain a voice when they are not treated properly. 

While we preach education for all and “Beti Bacho Beti Padhaoo”, “Mulgi Shikli Pragati Zali”, as a society we also need to make sure that a better provision is made to give these girls the freedom to study without worrying about proper sanitation and being able to go to school even during their periods by providing pads to them in school. No harassment and teasing of girls in schooling and collage. 

Girl child is also a part of you like your son and deserves a good life just like your son. Only because she is to be married and leave the house one day doesn’t mean she is not worth investing in. Rather if you invest in her today, you will not have to worry about her future as you know you have given her the most valuable gift in life – Education.

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There is a lot of work that needs to be done and while we advocate the thought, we should work to make sure that our future generation doesn’t see woman as just a woman who has assigned roles to play. We are a woman of substance, and we get wings with education to take a flight and tough the sky. 

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We are a woman of substance, and we get wings with education to take a flight and tough the sky. – loved these words. Girl education should be given due attention. Even in our scriptures, we had scholars like Gargi and Maitreyee.
A woman is privileged to bring a new life into this world. When she is educated then, she will be educating the entire next generation.

Yes agree with your thoughts completely. An educated girl or woman make a strong foundation for educated society . Education give them power to make their dream come true and also help in fighting for their justice too. It is really great that our government is understanding this thing well and running many programs to support girl education.

Totally agree. Daughter’s are a blessing and I’m blessed to have one. Educating girls is so necessary for all the right reasons that you mentioned. She is the main caregiver of a family.

I just wish to quote a wise woman ,”“If you educate a man, you educate an individual. but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”

It is said if a girl is educated , her future family is in safe hands. Woman takes so many decisions for the family and education adds to her wisdom. Your post very well explains the reasoning for supporting girl education.

Our society as a whole needs to believe in the worth of women. Only then can some change happen. You have listed pertinent points and I hope some people change their mind because of this post.

Bang on . I loved this article. No matter what , every girl child should have right to education , this is how we can ensure a better society

Your post validates the reason for educating a girl child. Sadly there are still people who need to understand this.

Education of girls is indeed the lever that enables women empowerment. It will prepare them to march at the forefront of society. Sandy N Vyjay

Such a wonderful post Hansa and so needed. Girls education is not a one-person empowerment but its the entire society, family and village learning if a girl learns. We should focus on girl child education across the country and definitely spread the word around as much as possible. Every effort counts and I am sure one effort from us would definitely help.

Yes. Girls education is very important and you have shared all the right points.
Yesterday itself, I was talking to a girl and we discussed on girl’s education. Even if the girl doesn’t do a job, if she is educated, she can run the home in a smart way and can be confident.

Education is important for every child and rightly said girl child. It is important to write such articles and spread the word especially in places in India. I do hope to adopt a girl child some day and give all the education and lifestyle.

I believe a country grows when girls get empowered. Empowering a girl means providing her with the wings to fly, dream to chase and make her independent. Loved this post.

Girl empowerment is a necessity. And it is only possible when every girl gets proper education.

As a father to a beautiful 9-year-old daughter, I can tell you that a girl child is a blessing from above. Certainly not a liability but an asset for life. We should empower the girl child to stand on her own.

Yes for sure a well read mother can run her family and decide better for kids. One should certainly invest in girl child education.

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