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Why kids should learn Coding and Why I choose Leapwaters Coding Camp for my daughter?

With the boom in online learning, there has been a lot of chatter around coding classes as the whole idea and concept was new and novel. Knowing that our world has digitalised, teaching kids to write codes is as good as teaching them to read and write.

So, I thought it was the right time and the correct thing to learn for my daughter Aayera and I chose Leapwaters Coding Camp. And here is why even you should register your kids to learn coding. But before that let’s understand a bit about coding.

What is coding?

Coding is nothing but a method of communicating to your computer in a language that it understands, and we are equipping our kids to be able to do so by learning coding.

If we wish for an all-round development of our child, we need to go beyond books and traditional learning methods and embrace the new and digital space as well and not just as a user but also as a creator.

Why kids should learn coding?

There are so many reasons for kids to learn coding and it’s difficult to list all of them here, so I am sharing the top 6 of the many. Let’s review why kids should learn to code. 

  1. Problem Solving skills:  When a child learns coding, they tend to look past the bigger picture and as they break the problem in to smaller and doable tasks and create a logical connection. This problem-solving skill is not just confined to tell the computer what to do but will also become a life skill and stay with the child forever. They will learn to analyze the situation and deal with it in a more appropriate and a logical manner when faced with any adversity. With coding, kids learn to appreciate how things work around them. 
  2. Logical thinking: Coding teaches your child how to think. It’s is not just about writing lines and lines of codes. Instead, it teaches your kids how to think differently. If the first solution doesn’t work, they learn to create something new and when that too doesn’t work, they will try again till the problem at hand is resolved. 
  3. Kids grasp new things faster: While we see them as kids, we also know that their brain is like a sponge and can grasp new things much faster than that of an adult’s mind. Learning coding is just like learning a new language for your child. 
  4. Creativity: Once kids learn the basic concepts, the entire platform is now left on their imagination. The kids can get as creative as they want to design the game or app or even tweak what is already done and create a new version of it. 
  5. Fun and rewarding: Coding allows kids to experiment and be creative. They get an opportunity to create something on their own and we know that kids thrive on feedback on what they have created. Just like leaning anything else, kids need the motivation and the positive boost from people around them. What joy would it bring to the kid when he/she has designed an app or a game and is now ready to flaunt it to everyone. Not only will the child have fun creating it but the contentment that follows is unmatched. 
  6. Programming is the future: Looking at the way the world is progressing, we know that programming is the future. The world is changing, and an increasing number of businesses thrive on coding. A child who learns to code will always have an upper hand than others no matter which field or industry they decide to enter.

Now we know why coding is important for our children. It gives them technological advantage over others and invariably help them design their future. 

A group of happy kids learning from Leapwaters Coding Camp

Let’s know more about Leapwaters Coding Camp 

Leapwaters Coding Camp is an Indo- Swedish collaboration and hence the courses are designed by global experts. 

They have a young and enthusiastic team of academics and educators who make sure that the kids can grasp things easily as they make coding a fun experience for them. 

Their courses are designed not just to make your child tech savvy but also to boost their imagination and creativity. 

Leapwaters Coding Camp lays the foundation for the child at an early age to help them with a better and a bright future.  

Their coursers start from beginners’ level and go up to masters and they aim at providing exciting and entertaining curriculum with 12 live classes each month.

They offer lifetime free video tutorials in Hindi and English so that your child can go back and refer to them any time they feel the need. 

Leapwaters coding camp is pocket-friendly. It is offering 10% off on enrolling in a coding camp.

This educational startup has a team of globally sourced experts and academicians. And for new-age digital skills the global exposure matters a lot.

Once the foundation of learning is set, there is no limit to what a child can accomplish.

You can also scan the QR Code of Leapwaters Coding Camp

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23 replies on “Why kids should learn Coding and Why I choose Leapwaters Coding Camp for my daughter?”

In one of his interviews, late SSR said that moving forwards, every student should learn atlas one coding language. Because coding it going to be the future. I recently read about Leapwater coding camp and it seems pretty good option to make the best of the online time for kids.

With the digital era having an technological edge is going to become important. Learning coding will surely give that edge will check Leapwaters Coding Camp for more details.

Yes coding offers many benefits for overall development of kids. My girls have taken few classes too and have a good experience with it. Leap water sounds like a good option, thanks for sharing about it dear. Will explore more about it from my side.

Since computers are no more a luxury but a necessity , it make sense to learn coding at an early age and get an edge , I think Leapwaters is a better option than some others teaching coding online.

I am looking for a good online coding class for my daughter. Would definitely check leapwaters; thanks for sharing its review

Learning Coding is indeed important for the kids of today, as that is the future of learning and the world. The Leapwaters coding camp seems to be the perfect forum to introduce the kids to coding. Sandy N Vyjay

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Coding is like yet another skill that a child needs to have these days to learn in a holistic manner. Even I have been checking out for some great classes for my daughter and leapwater coding camp seems really nice to check

Coding is an important part of education these days. Leapwaters seems to be the perfect platform to introduce coding to kids

Coding is very important for kids to develop future. This looks so good to see that these kinda companies are coming and trying to secure a child’s future.

Love this post. Absolutely coding requires knowing and analysing logic and hence it is one of the best ways to improve a child’s knowledge. And as you said there are so many other benefits as well. I recommend every child to learn a bit of coding too.

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