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The Pandora’s box was left open Part 1- Book Review

Book: The Pandora’s box was left open Part 1

Author:  Dyumani Maheshwari 

Pages: 99

Genre: Crime, Thriller and Mystery

Blurb: This book is a crime thriller where Police Inspector Om and his newly joined assistant are trying to solve some murder cases. Shiv, the new assistant with his clear thinking and strong observation and an eye for details impresses his boss with his work by solving some pending cases which needed due justices for a long time. 


A promising read by a debut author, this book is all about crime and suspense as two cops, Om and Shiv with their team try to solve various murder cases. 

Overall, I enjoyed the sequencing of the events which lead to a successful closer of each case. The two main characters, Om and Shiv have been shown as strong and determined personalities who thrive on getting justice against the crime done and catch the culprit. 

The various crime cases progress smoothly as the suspense build continuously till there is a knot in your stomach. The book is absorbing and will keep you gripped till each case is solved and the culprit is out. The author has not wasted any words by beating around the bush and focused on just telling the story. Do not even think about just skimming through the pages, you will miss and important clue. 

Who is Shiv, where did he come from and why has he joined Inspector Om? The underlying story behind the two cops and a case they handle together will leave you in awe of the twist and turn planned by the author. Though I am tempted to throw in a spoiler, I will not. If you you want to know more, you need to get a copy of this book. 

This book is a quick read partly due to its riveting plot and suspense and secondly because the book has just 99 pages. So the book can be easily read in a single sitting and once you are on the case, you would not want to put the book down till you get to the end of the suspense. I myself kept thinking about the possible culprits with each turn of page. 

With a mind blowing twist in the end, the book is a compulsive read filled with intrigue, suspense and strong protagonists. The author has done a good job of creating interesting plots for his debut novel and guess what, we have a Part 2 in the pipe line. I can’t wait to read the next set of interesting cases. 

You should surely experience this book to get a decent dose of mystery and suspense and a twist in the tale which will leave you so staggered. 

If you are a person who seeks a fast paced suspense book, “The Pandora’s Box was left open Part 1” is the book you would not want to miss. 

This book gets a fabulous four.

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The title of the book is so intriguing by itself, that I am not surprised to find out through your review that it is a page turner. Shall add this quick and interesting read to my TBR.

You have already created a buzz about the book. I love murder mysteries and this one seems my type of a read. 99 pages is good length for a single sitting read.

This sounds just like the book I enjoy to read. The plot is interesting and I’m now curious to know the background story of both Shiv and Om. Adding it to my TBR.

The Pandora’s box was Left Open seems to be an interesting book in a genre that is one of my favourites. The plot too sounds interesting and the book seems to promise a racy thriller.

I had decided not to read thriller books as they keep me hooked and my mind is always thinking about it till I finish. but this looks like an interesting book and the title is so intriguing, cant wait to read it now

I love murder mystries. Going by ur review I can safely say it would make a nice read. Shall check this one.

This book seems to be getting a lot of attention now. I am really intrigued to try out. I am a big fan of the genre.

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