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Amazing life lessons kids can learn from Peppa Pig

Don’t we all like it when our kids start talking in the British accent after watching Peppa Pig? Well my kids have made it way of talking now and more often than not, I get asked why do they talk in accent and I reply “All thanks to Peppa”.

Now my kids demand pan cakes for breakfast and call ice-cream as ice-pops and water is Waaer. But if you follow the cartoon more closely, you will realise there is much more for kids to learn about life than just an accent. 

So lets see at some wonderful things our kids can learn and adapt from Peppa Pig;

Manners: we all know that manners go a long way and we strive very hard for our kids to practice good manners and be polite with their words. But Peppa and George make it so easy to say “Sorry”, “Please” and “Thank You”. The entire family and friends shown in the cartoon have a very polite tone with no harsh words used at all.

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No Phone or I-pads: While for us parents, devices are a mean to get some work done by keeping kids distracted, Peppa and George choose to play instead of being on the device. Nowhere in all these episodes we have seen the two cartoon kids spending time on device while Mumma Pig is busy in her work. Also, TV is always watched as a family, and you will never see Peppa and George being in front of the TV alone. 

Organised School Routine: Be it online school or physical school, we all are always running around to get things sorted before we start. But in case of Peppa and George, you will never see them running for socks or throwing a tantrum over breakfast before they leave for school. They wake up, get ready and go for school with no fuss. This shows that things done on time and well planned can make your day smooth sailing.

Family that eats together stays together: This one thing is the best about Peppa Pig cartoon. The entire family sits together over the dinner table for all their meals and talk about things rather than being glued to any device. Kids don’t throw any tantrum over food and enjoy their meal-time. 

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Everyone is unique: While we are entangled in the differences between people based on cast, creek and nationality, the concept of everyone is unique has been beautifully shared in the cartoon with each character being a different animal with their own set of skills and features. 

Life is too short to not enjoy: Lastly Peppa and George teach us to enjoy life and live in the moment. Time will never come back and while you are at it, make the most of it. Life is too short to not jump in a Muddy Puddle. 

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Apart from these, you will also see a special bond being shared by the two siblings Peppa and George. Peppa hugs George when he cried and also takes care of her little brother when they are in school or out. The kids share their things, from their room to their toys. Also they address each member of their community with proper names which teaches us to know everyone around us and address them correctly.

I am sure you all have seen Peppa Pig with your kids and enjoyed it as much as your child and whoever said TV is not good for kids, has not seen Peppa Pig. The cartoon revolves around family, family values, friends, community and being together and that’s what makes it a perfect thing for kids to watch. 

Enjoy this small clip of Peppa and George wash car with their Daddy.

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Cartoon shows teach our kids many lessons in a fun way. And it is surprising how quickly they grasp while watching. Peppa Pig is one of my son’s favorite cartoon shows too.

Your post has made me nostalgic. it was one of most favorite show of my girls, when they little. even, I had watched many of episodes and loved them all. yes, this show taught many amazing life lessons to kids, in a fun and entertaining way.

I am so happy that someone wrote about the amazing series of Peppa pig and the hidden lessons for the kids from it. At every pointer you mentioned above, the scenes of Peppa episodes were roaming back of my mind. You have well jotted down the positive pointers. Indeed the best show for kids my kiddos are crazy for Peppa pig.

Oh I am feeling nostalgic. I have watched all the episodes with my kids and those used to be our favorite cartoon show. And I agree there is so much to learn from this show. Thanks for sharing this

I had loved Peppa and my son too loved reading peppa pig as a kid and I feel so nostalgic reading the post. Agree with all your points here, sometimes we just miss the simple learning a cartoon may provide us

Peppa Pig, has it all the rides with family, birthday parties, school trips and all. I was completely nodding my head in agreement to the each pointer. The show has all th elife skill lessons one look for.

Wow, that was such a beautifully written post. Even I have always admired these things in the Peppa pig show. And that’s why always encouraged kids to watch it rather than any other cartoon show.

I love peppa pig, it is so cute! and i especially love the fact, as you have so rightly pointed out in this article, that peppa teaches so many life lessons to the kids in such a natural way that the children are imbibing these naturally.

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