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A letter to my Dad- 25 years and I am having a recap of our moments

This Sunday, 20th June 2021, we all will be celebrating Father’s Day to cherish the special man who paves the way for us to lead a smooth sailing life by doing all the hard work and making sacrifices.

This is going to be an emotional read. So be prepared for it. Just for the start, I lost my dad exactly 25 years back when we use to live in Muscat. I was 12 and he was 36 with no heart ailments but one day it was attacked so hard that my father succumed to it. Like every other daughter, I was a complete daddy’s girl. My world revolved around him.

Grab that tissue. I told you this is going to be an emotional roller coaster read. Done? Let’s continue…


It’s been 25 years dad and I remember every little moment of ours even today. Though I do forget dates at times. Only when I really sit and talk about you to anyone is when I remember them. This is again very rare, because many people who know me now have never met you before. Yes, but I do talk about you to Kunal (My husband) a lot. I want him to know how much I was loved by you. The ways you use to bend rules so that I was excused for any mistakes that I made. 

Now I am a mother of two kids. You have a granddaughter Aayera and a grandson Aaryaveer. And you know what, just like me, Aayera is her daddy’s princess. She lives and breathes to love her dad. But this doesn’t make me jealous at all. You know why? Because I see myself in her. Her eyes are filled with love for her father exactly like how I was.

Just like me she too loves to write letters. Every day she writes at least 2 cards or letters to her father affirming how much she adores him. Just like me, she stays up at night waiting for him to come home so that she can hug him and talk to him before he tucks her to bed. Just like me, she loves watching movies with her dad. They have movie dates and even movie nights with popcorn and pizza by the side. And just like me, Ok I am lying, unlike me, this girl wakes up early to make sure her  father has got his tiffin. Yes, at age 7, my daughter attempts to make perfectly round roti’s. I made first cup of tea for you after I was 10 years old I guess. 

But the whole point is, I am getting to see my childhood with you through my daughter. The father-daughter duo are a delight to watch.

Just like you, Kunal will get anything that Aayera demands without a question asked. Just like you, for him, his daughter comes above everything else in this world. Just like you, he loves to spend his time playing games and being around his daughter. She is the little sparkle in his eye that is always shining. 

And you know what excites me more, I will get to see the moments I couldn’t have with you. When she will be a teen and argue with her dad, when she will grow further and discuss politics and stocks with him. How she will sneak out of the house and how her dad will be worried sick. I am just waiting to see those moments, moments which you and I missed. 

I have no complains dad, life has been good. You made sure we have everything even after you left thanks to your wise thinking and investments. But the void is always there. We still celebrate your birthday each December. 

Let me tell you, mom has played the best mom and dad’s dual role and fared with flying colors. Now a grandmother to 3 kids in total, she is over the moon. 

And yes, don’t worry, since my daughter is all about her dad, I have a son too who loves his mom with equal passion. Your grandchildren are the best gift life has ever granted me and I have nothing more to ask from God. For everything else (materialistic), I have my husband with a MasterCard :P.

Dad, they say God keeps good souls close to him and that’s why he took you so soon. But don’t worry about us. We are all doing good. I wish to live a life filled with love and moments with my family. I am trying to be the best possible mother a child could have while I know there is no best when it comes to parenting. We come with our own version. But the best part about kids is that no matter what, they will love you unconditionally. 

Lastly, “Far beyond the ideas of wrong and right, there is a field. I will meet you there. Where the soul lies down in the grass and the world is too full to talk about- Rumi”. One day we will meet again.

Your Darling Daughter, as you used to call me. 

Some one pass me the tissue please. 

The only family photo I have with my dad in it. The last bit of memory in print.

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24 replies on “A letter to my Dad- 25 years and I am having a recap of our moments”

Thats a heartfelt letter. Daughters are their father’s forever princess. We have so many memories to cherish and they stay with us forever.

Virtual hug Hansa. this was such a heartfelt letter and I can understand your feeling and emotions on special day of father’s day. I am sure Uncle will be so proud to see that his girl is doing great in all aspects of life.

Rula Diya yaar, a tight hug, dear! I can feel every bit of it what you said about your Dad, Hansa. For me, it’s been 16 years without my dad. We are shining and growing in life. It proves that our beloved soul may depart on God’s wish, but they stay with us in the form of blessings

Father and daughter relationship is so precious. Each word in the letter was heartfelt and totally adore how you are witnessing your daughter’s relationship with her Dad and cherishing each moment. Hugs to you Hansa.

This post took me down memory lane and our own childhood that was filled with the support and learnings of our father. We do not have a mom so my papa had to fulfill the role of both and so admire his strength for doing this for us. With tears brimming in my eyes I must say this is a heartfelt post.

That line by Rumi always makes me cry and fits every relationship so well. I’m sure your Dad’s looking down at you fondly and is supremely proud of you.

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