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Music Melody and Mental Health

Staying indoors during the lockdown and Covid times, the one thing that has surely lifted my spirits and kept me on my toes literally, is Music. Music can make you dance like no one’s watching and sing till your throat hurts. 

From rock and roll to hip hop to soft melodious songs, it will cater to all your moods as our mind releases some memories, emotions and thoughts when listening to them. Music also helps one connect with others. Like a national anthem will connect the crowd, love songs help connect with your partner and lullabies sung while putting the baby to sleep, connects the parent and the child. 

A perfect solution to all our emotional problems, moods and feelings, music is here for you and me.  So, let’s see how those beats can change your mood and make you feel more alive. 

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Relaxes your mind: Coming home tired after a hectic day, turn on the music player and play a peppy number and see your feet moving to the beat of music. Music has the ability to relax your mind and switch off after a long day. It helps releasing tension from your muscles making you feel fresher.

Reduces anxiety and depression: Music therapy has become more popular to deal with anxiety and depression and more and more doctors are using it and recommending it to anyone who is disturbed mentally. Listening to music can calm one’s nerves whenever he/she feels anxious. So next time you meet someone you know is dealing with anxiety or depression, plug in your handsfree and share it with your friend. 

Reduces fatigue and stress: Roll down the car windows, amp up the music on the radio and see how energized you feel. Your dull and boring day will be all charged up. Play it on loud or keep it mellow, but certain genres of music will surly help you feel rejuvenated up. Don’t undermine the music’s ability to be a stress reliver. 

Elevates mood: Mental wellbeing is linked to all the assertive thoughts in your mind. If you are feeling low or demotivated, play a hard-hitting song with the right lyrics and boost yourself. The song will help elevate your mood and be more productive. Feeling bored and lazy, pump up the beat as a fast-paced music is all your brain needs to get up and get moving. 

Improves performance: This one works with me. With music playing in the background when I am working, be it in the kitchen or writing, it certainly gets the best out of me. It helps me focus and perform better at what I am doing. Playing an upbeat number while working also helps increase the speed of work. Next time when you are working on a task, don’t forget to play some music before you start. 

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Better Sleep: A soothing music while you drift off to sleep is also a perfect way to relax the mind and reduce stress. Music is a great way to deal with insomnia. While there are many ways treat insomnia, music is the effective and economical way to deal with it. This again I’ve experienced it personally as during the lockdown my kid’s sleep pattern went out the window as they would not sleep till wee hours, so I started playing relaxing music in their room and Vola…. they were asleep in no time. 

That’s not all, even playing a musical instrument is equally liberating to the mind and soul. If you know how to play any musical instrument, take that out and hit the keys, pull strings and see how your mood changes. If not, lockdown has given us a lot of time to learn it too. Learn to play an instrument and that too would be equally healing to your mind.

Music sees no age. Be it a baby, toddler, teen or an adult, music soothes everybody. Music therapy is now a burgeoning field in itself. So music is not “JUST” a form of entertainment, but it has a strong link with mental wellbeing too. Make the most of it to help cope with or take control of your tricky emotions. 

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28 replies on “Music Melody and Mental Health”

Music is indeed the best stress buster. It is so therapeutic and relaxing. Listening to music is really calming in these times.

What a timely article in such stressful phase. I am on music even while I type this comment. Now onwards I will be more mindful.

Music is a stress buster for any day and with less outdoor activities the importance of music has increased more. Your pointers are very much reminder to us to add music in our lives on daily basis.

Listening to music is one thing that I do almost daily. It helps me a lot in bad mood, relaxing and rejuvenating.

I am a music lover and so for me music acts like a therapy. With good peppy songs my mood changes instantly. While for good sleep I resort to peaceful songs that calm me down.

I find napping the most relaxing. I hear music to feel good of course. But I’ve never felt relaxed except if I’m the relaxed mode already. I like your points though.

Absolutely agree with all your points. I prefer listening to music while working as it helps me concentrate better and elevates my mood.

Good music is like therapy for me. I prefer soft music in the background while working from home or even while doing household chores like cleaning. It has helped me soothe my nerves and has elevated my mood several times.

Listening to the right music is definitely the best therapy. It increases and changes the mood instantly and has many benefits. When I am down, I always listen to good music and that changes and makes me feel better most times.

I have been associated professionally with a mental healing & therapy org for some months and yes they extensively use art and music as part of their session.

Music is one thing that helps me stay sane. I was a teenager when I discovered the impact it had on my mental health. Thankfully even my daughters have developed a similar love for MUisic.

Music definitely makes me happy. There was a time when feeling low I used to hear gazals. But it has phased out. I introduced music to my kids too at a very young age and they love it. My daughter is even learning to play guitar and is now teaching me.

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