BYJU’S Summer Kid Camp – How to keep your kids engaged at home

Summer vacations are time for kids to explore museums, visit the parks, go for camps and have fun. But that’s not happening due to the global crisis which has got us locked inside our homes and more than anyone, kids are the ones at greater loss as they are missing out on their childhood with the restriction of not stepping out, no school and no friends. 

Kids need to grow and develop mentally and physically and we as parents need to make sure that’s happening even when they are at home. To make their summer break more fun and smooth parents can; 

Set goals: Inform the kids what all are you planning for them to do during their summer breaks. Get them excited. Summer break is not just about playing but also learning new things. Ask your child what they would like to learn, a new language, chess, piano or any other musical instrument. Summer holidays are also a time to catch up on studies. Revise and prepare for the next year.

Pre plan the day: Kids need your time and attention and seeing you at home they crave it even more. Plan your day such that you have time for your kids to do activities or play with them. Vacations are a time to bond with your kids, be their teacher and teach them new and creative things. 

Free Play corner: While we are working, we want the kids to entertain themselves. Set up a small corner in the house for them for a free play time. If kids have their own room, set up a teepee or a doll house. Make sure to keep their toys where they can reach and play while you are busy. 

But even the most creative parent runs out of ideas, so we have BYJU’s Summer Kid Camp, a virtual camp where BYJU’s suggests everyday activity for parents to do with their kids. 

BYJU’s has designed a 31-day calendar where-in every day activity are shared for the kids which they can enjoy with their parents. The activities are designed to get kids thinking and be creative. From show and tell, building your own story, having a picnic indoors, these activities for sure will please the child and parent both.  

Let’s see why this summer camp activities are important for kids, 

  1. They tap leadership skills
  2. Improve decision making and communication skills
  3. Helps in Mental Simulation
  4. Ensures physical activity
  5. Reinforces independence and empowerment
  6. Builds confidence
  7. Boosts creativity

With so many positive things, Summer Camp cannot be missed for kids, despite being indoors. Download BYJU’s kid Camp activity calendar here

Now that being said about summer camp, let’s have a look at Word Games. We all know that Word Games are great for brain development but there is more to it, so let’s know how do they help our kids? 

  1. Word games are a great way to exercise the brain and keep it active. 
  2. They help in growing your vocabulary.
  3. Word games boost verbal reasoning and problem solving. 
  4. They help in improving memory.
  5. It’s the best way to master the spellings. 

BYJU’s knows that Word Games are a must for kids and hence has shared a “Word Search Puzzle” for kids to solve and help them be active mentally. Download the BYJU’s Word Search here

BYJU’s has made a name for itself in providing the best in education by simplifying the syllabus for kids to understand it easily. With interactive video lessons in Math, English, science and other subjects, BYJU’s is the perfect platform for kids to catch up on the syllabus they missed during their online learning classes. 

Parents and readers do visit the BYJU’s Parent Plus where numerous interesting and informative blogs and articles are shared to help you with your kids and help them develop and grow. 

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planning activities in advance for kids is the best way to be stress-free.
my lo is 2.4 yra old. I ll check out this app and thanks a lot for sharing this.

The way you have mentioned the information is so easy to follow and really appreciate the way you have explained everything in Details

There are many other Learning Apps related to education but The way you have mentioned the information is so easy to follow So I got more knowledge about BYJU’S Education.

There are many other Learning Apps related to education but The way you have mentioned the information is so easy to follow So I got more knowledge about BYJU’S Education.

Planning the activities for my kiddo has always worked for me. It keeps me stress-free. But I agree, sometimes, I run out of the options. Will check out BYJU’s.

Wow Byjus offering great summer activities to keep our kids creatively engaged during summer vacation. my girls’ summer vacation is starting since next week, will check out this for them for sure.

Great info about Byju;s. They are doing a great job of keeping kids engaged. It is the second summer that they are spending indoors and need to be motivated with interesting stuff.

I am already liking the entire concept of virtual summer cap with BYJU’s . Love the fact that kids can enjoy activities with their parents

It is so difficult to engage kids.. I am glad Byjus has something so good for children. With so much to do at home it becomes difficult to keep kids engaged all the time.

This summer vacation I am too searching for a fun summer camp for my daughter. Shall check BYJUS virtual camp for sure.

This is a good initiative by Byjus. Nice way to keep kids productively engaged with a mix of fun and education.

While these educational apps are good for the kids, I dread to give them more screen time at any cost. I love playing word games and I have bought some puzzle and sudoku books for them.

That’s amazing Byjus is up with great summer offer word game activities is one of the best way to educate our kids definitely will be checking out

Byjus is no doubt doing a wonderful job in kid’s education. These programmes are definitely going to keep them engaged during the summer holidays.

Summer camps are the best way to help kids learn new and exciting things during their vacations. I’m glad that Byju’s is structuring different activities to make our job as parents easier.

Soe of my friends’ kids are ding BYJU’s summer camp and they have been telling me about the good things about it. Glad to read more about it here. Will surely explore for my kids.

We too have been ardent fans of all the activities and courses available on this platform. I would surely check out more details of this summer camp as keeping our little ones busy all day long is indeed a task 🙂

I have two grown up kids at home and completely understand the pain/frustration of keeping them engaged throughout their summer vacations. I should get them enrolled to the Byju’s summer kid camp real soon.

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