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The Part I left with you – Book Review

Book: The Part I Left with you 

Author:  Rahul Saini

Pages: 204

Genre: Fiction, romance 

Publisher: Juggernaut

Blurb: The story revolves around three characters Ratna, Ronit and Nitasha and their roller coaster journey of love and despair. 

A young fan girl, Ratna is an ardent reader and a student of journalisms. Bubbly and chirpy, she is in love with her favorite author Ronit, who was once a best-selling author but no new work of his has been published due to his personal hardship. She get’s an opportunity to meet him and in her way tries to help him out with his ordeal. How did she fare? Read the book to know.

Ronit the writer is distraught and shaken after a heartbreak which has left him living in isolation, reading books to pass his time, disconnecting himself from the rest of the world. He is finding it hard to accept the reality and taking his time to recuperate as he tries to make sense of what went wrong. 

Nitasha, Ronit’s ex, once crazy in love, gradually felt too claustrophobic to be in the relation and chose to move on with her life and priorities. 

Review: The story is presented very well, and the writing is lucid making it a quick and easy read. I liked Ronit’s diary snippets and the short stories talking about the past of these characters. Basically, the book runs in two axis, the past and the present of all the three protagonists. Humorous and witty, the book has shared some wonderful lines on life and love. All the 3 main characters have been given due justice and developed well over the stories. Nothing is out of place. The book cover is also designed aptly, going perfectly well with the title and the story. 

While some details of Ratna’s past could have been skipped, Ronit’s witty and sometimes lectures on love kept the book rolling. He is shown as a “not so perfect guy” and the female characters have been given due weightage. Nitasha is my favorite as she stands up for what she wants and has maintained a calm, composed and a balanced demeanor throughout. 

I liked how the author has maturely ended the book, keeping in mind what the plot needed. For me, this is a good book and I have a fabulous 4 on 5 starts to give to this book. A perfect read over a weekend and a great book for beginners too. 

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This seems like a smooth and easy flowing plot. Sometimes, I like such stories which gives me a break from suspense or self-help.

The plot of this book sounds like an interesting Bollywood movie. loved your honest review. will share try to check out this book during upcoming summer vacations.

I like the storyline and This book on love and despair would make a nice light read on a lazy weekend. Shall grab the copy soon

I like to read fiction that has a romantic angle or relationship angle attached to it. This one looks to be a great read for me in this sense.

I have always loved your recos and I’m a sucker for love stories. In past times, I’ve read each book that you recommended and especially love stories. Definitely going to read this book on Kindle.

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