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Why and how women should get into managing finance and investments?

With the onset of 21st century and the era that we live in, it’s important that women and men are required to be working to run the economics of the house. The standard of living that we chose for ourselves call for us to work harder but the most important part of it is knowing your economics and how you are going to budget your lifestyle.

Like they say “a woman’s purse is her world” you will find everything in it. Then why not investment. Take out that smart phone, and before clicking on social media, click on some financial apps and get to know how money can be made. If any education is required, open online websites and just type your query. We love our jewelry, but then why not target what we want by buying a Gold ETF fund. Our life is precious, lets invest in life insurance. 

Investment is a thought which is same as having a thought of hitting a gym, it’s in the head, but we get lazy to actually do anything about it. Science says women can multitask better than men. They are powerful with their presence. Capable with their mind, honorable to their family, they are called Laxmi. So let’s represent that by putting our mind in building wealth for our own future and for our family. 

Invest for Financial Independence: Women need to be prepared to face any unprecedented event like losing a job or walking out on a relationship. When they have the control of their finances, they are prepared to face the curve ball life throws at them and not feel helpless.

Invest for Future: We all aspire to be somewhere over a period of time. Be it a home maker or a working woman, you want to attain and reach a certain goal. Ask yourself what you need and work towards it. A new house you want to get for your parents, build fund for your child’s future education or travel the world. What every you desire, set the wheels in motion by saving and investing. 

Invest because you make a good investor: Several studies show that a woman’s portfolio outperforms that of a man only because of the traits that women posses. They are risk conscious, willing to research what they don’t know and believe in “slow and steady wins the race”. These traits make them a better investors.

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Money matters are not tough but if you feel intimidated, there are ways to help you out.

Learn the Basic: There are lot of online portals and YouTube channels which help you learn and understand the financial jargons and concepts. Visit these sites and educate yourself. If not much, understand the basic. Learn how to manage your money and easy avenues to invest in. We all know that money will not grow if kept hidden under the bed in a box. Put your money to work. Don’t let it sit idle. 

Seek Professional help: Not everyone who invests is an expert. You need not be one too. You have Asset Management companies (AMC) and financial advisers who serves as your thinking partner and helps invest our money in a way which is best suited for your current and future needs. 

When we slide the responsibilities, we invite risks like;

. When the responsibility falls on your shoulder unannounced, it will become too overwhelming to bare. 

. The sudden delegation will require time to understand everything and catch up. 

. When someone else is managing the finances, they may not understand or consider your financial goals or vision. You risk losing your say. 

Woman may have spent years building a life at home and then with their spouse. Everything is in place; all the ducks are in row. Then what is missing? It’s not uncommon for couples to divide and conquer the chores. But delegating all your financial planning and matters is a mistake. You may buy time by handing over the task, but when crisis come, it will have its own repercussion. 

So women, change the flow of the tide. Have a plan and stick to it without being swayed by the noise others make. It’s the time in the market and not timing that market that matters.  Finance is not rocket science and even if it was, women have already been to the space and back.

In my next blog, I will talk about “How to know if you can you afford one working parent” So stay tuned.

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Stay Strong and Pray for our Country

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By mummatalks

Mom of two brats, use to work as an analyst now a SAHM. Love books.

25 replies on “Why and how women should get into managing finance and investments?”

You nailed it Hansa. Yes, women should know about the finances If not all the tiny details the atlas an overview about how and where their finances are going. Start slow and gain more knowledge over time.


Infact research suggests that women are actually behind and even ignorant when it comes to investing money. Its simply a matter of low confidence, lack of knowledge and opportunities of having cash at hand to invest. This was an insightful post


You spoke my mind Hansa, understanding of handling finances by women has always been at the back burner. And when adversity knocks at door, it could be toughest thing to handle for a woman. A must read post for every woman!


Women should definitely know about the financial health of the family. Even I am learning slowly from my husband.


Your series was super awesome Hansa and you have shared really great posts with it, I agree, women need to understand the basics first and educate themselves about different aspects of finance and money matters. this small step can work as a major mile stone in creating a base for financial freedom for women.


The investment decision is very important for women these days. Be it investing for future or walking out of a relationship a women should financially independent. So investment is important. Such an informative post


I never paid much attention to finances some time back, I was just investing as my husband said. But with covid situation looming over us I have realized how important it is to know your own finances and situation.


Women should definitely know about it.understanding of handling finances by women has always been at the back burner. Really helpful and loved the tips.

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Very well-written post. Women easily hand over their hard-earned money to their husbands or family for investment. They must do it themselves to have better control over it.


I think financial management comes naturally to women. They tend to handle finances much better than men in most cases. So it is befitting that they play a greater role in managing finances and investments.

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Most women I know shy away from investing their money due to the fancy jargon used. Your post shares some great pointers in pointing us in the right direction. Very encouraging read!


Women have always saved gold for future financial independence but it’s time we get a hold of our money and manage it properly.


Financial freedom is very important for a woman. Absolutely there are many YouTube and other online platform that helps in learning financial planning


Well I invested because I want to be financially independent at the same time want to secure my future and my hysband help me a lot in doing that as finance is one thing which goes above my head.


Over the millennia, society patriarchy has dominated the subject and rules of finances. However, women are known to be better saviors with their petty savings from home expenditures. I am glad you are raising awareness in this field.


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